How to Get Gum Out of Dryer?

Most of us forget to remove gum from the pockets of our clothes before placing them in the laundry machine. This chewable gum can stick to the dryer and may cause severe difficulties. The remains of bubble gum besides damaging the clothes leave gummy chaos on the dividers of the dryer. There is no need to get panic under these circumstances. You can resolve this problem by yourself by utilizing everyday home items and save your money too!

Let’s have a look at methods to get the gum out of the dryer:

1.    Using Cooking Oil

Spray Cooking Oil

  • In a spray bottle add the cooking oil and spray it on the gum. It softens the respective areas and wears away all the stickiness. You can also use canola oil for this purpose.
  • After spraying on the chewing gum leave it for some time with the purpose of absorbing by gum.
  • A few minutes later scrub it off with the help of a nylon rasp very gently.
  • The magnificence of using this strategy is that it does not harm the glass or plastic parts of the dryer with no odor.

2.    Ice Cube Method

Rubbing Ice cube on Gum

This method is among the most familiar methods used to get the gum out of the dryer. You can directly rub the ice cube on the gum or can use an ice cube bag. Rub the ice cube continuously till it becomes soft and remove easily.                                      

3.     Using Detergent Powder or Baking Soda

Use Detergent or Baking Soda in Water

Use of Clean Cloth

  • In a bowl add 1 tablespoon of detergent powder with a small amount of water to make the paste. Baking soda
  • Now dip a clean cloth into this paste and gently clean it on the gum. Carry on scrubbing till it gets soft and removed.

4.     Spraying WD-40 on the Gum

Spray WD-40 on Dryer

  • Directly spray WD-40 on the gum and let it absorb by the gum for few minutes.
  • Take a clean cloth and get the gum out of the dryer by scrubbing gradually.
  • After removing the gum take another clean duster to remove the remaining WD-40                    

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