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Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss Journey | Secret Behind her Transformation

Sara Ali Khan's Weight Loss Journey | Secret Behind her Transformation

Sara Ali Khan belongs to the royal family of Pataudi. Her father’s name is Saif Ali Khan, and Amrita Singh is her mother. Her grandmother is Sharmila Tagore, also a well-known, versatile actress. Sara Khan started her career as a child star, and then her sudden transformation caught the eyes of Bollywood fans. Her debut film was Kedarnath which was nominated by Film Fare award, zee cine award and IIFA award.

Full NameSara Ali Khan
Date of BirthAugust 12, 1995
Age25 years
Height1.63 m
MotherAmrita Singh
FatherSaif Ali Khan
SiblingsIbrahim Ali Khan
Marital StatusUnmarried
CrushKartik Aaryan
Net Worth$2 Million
Favourite FoodNorth Indian Food

Reason for Weight Gain

She is suffering from PCOS that leads to weight gain. Polycystic ovary syndrome disease is a female disease which many females are facing now days. Sara Ali Khan is also suffering from this problem which leads to weight gain of 96kg. This is obvious that no one wants to see the heroine of 96kg on screen. Another major cause beside this is being a food lover. Sara herself had said in an interview to Karan Johar in coffee with Karan that she had eaten a lot of pizzas at Tom’s delicious pizza when she was studying at Columbia University.

Motivation for her Weight Loss

Being from the family of marvelous actors and actresses, she also wants to be the queen of the silver screen. One day she suddenly saw a vitamin shop near the pizza parlor that brought transformation in her. That is why she worked hard to become fit for working in Bollywood movies.

Fight with PCOS

The major cause of its weight gain is this disease in which she faced lots of hormonal imbalances. She in most of her interviews gives a message to all the ladies that are suffering from this problem that such women have to change their lifestyle completely. The only real solution or cure of this problem is a rigorous and constant lifestyle change. Don’t try any short cuts because they did not work. Eat healthy food, sleep properly and do a certain number of workouts daily. This is the only way by which you can maintain your hormonal balance and weight as well.

Sara Ali Khan's Weight Loss Journey | Secret Behind her Transformation

Diet Plan

Sara Ali’s diet plan is very simple. She reduces her weight without starving. Her diet plan encourages everyone to eat healthy and fiber-rich food. She often used to tell people about how she reduces her weight by dividing her meals and which type of exercise she follows. She totally cut sugar from her food. The consumption of carbohydrates in her food is very less. The dairy products were also absent from her diet except low-fat Greek yogurt.

Pre-Workout Diet

Oats and muesli were taken by her before going to the gym.

Post-Workout Diet

After the workout, she used to take protein whey, low-fat Greek yogurt and a little bit of coffee. Sometimes after exercise she took a very small number of carbohydrates in her diet plan.

In the Breakfast

This is the most important part of the day with respect to human health. First, she took warm water, then for breakfast she preferred to eat idlis, egg white, and bread toast.


She has always preferred and advised homemade food. She herself during her journey of weight loss eats only homemade food. Her lunch includes chapatis, dal, salads, fruits and vegetables.

In the Evening Time

At this time she eats snacks. Snacks are everyone’s favorite food item. For her, a bowl of upma is ideal for her weight loss.


At dinner time she used to take vegetables and chapatis.

Cheat Day

It was celebrated by her once a week. This shows her love for food that one day she spent eating the food which she likes to eat. On this day she eats a high protein and low carb diet.

Scheme of Workout

Workout is very necessary apart from the diet plan. Exercise acts as a backbone for weight loss with an appropriate diet. When you know her fitness plan, you want to go to the gym at once to follow the same for weight loss. The scheme that is designed for her workout is present in detail.

Sara Ali Khan's Weight Loss Journey | Secret Behind her Transformation

She practiced daily 6 days a week following forms of exercise. She did yoga and Kathak. She is a passionate dancer. Dancing also keeps her fit and active. In the gym, she used to do crunches with a ball in her hands, cardio and weight training. While running on the treadmill, she used to listen to Hindi songs. Pilates is one of her favorite forms of exercise. She mostly relies on it to make her body flexible and slim.

She also joined boot camp training under the supervision of Cindy Jourdain. Cindy Jourdain was also an instructor of Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Kapoor.


Her weight loss is a big challenge for her. When she started doing exercise, she was unable to do even 3 crunches. The reason is simple—she was not fit and too heavy. But she said that she did not give up. The next day she went to the gym and took four crunches and then the next day 5 and so on. This is the way by which she reduces her weight with so much determination and hard work.

Sara Ali Khan's Weight Loss Journey | Secret Behind her Transformation

Fans’ Response

Her fans admired her sudden beautiful change. When she posted a video of her transformation on Instagram, she received different comments from her fans. Some of these comments on her beautiful transformation are given below:

One of her fans said that you are the inspiration for many females. One said what a marvelous transformation Sara! Keep it up! Lots of love. One said hats off to your beautiful transformation. What a marvelous journey you had.


The major factor which contributes to her weight loss is her consistent and hard work. The regularity is the major thing for weight loss apart from a perfect diet plan and exercise. According to her, it took one and half years to lose 30kg weight loss. Sara Ali Khan is truly an inspiration for all females who are obese and want to reduce their weight. She was taking the type of diet during weight loss which is quite simple, easy and economical.

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