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10 Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow – Ways to Manage

10 Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow
10 Signs Your Period is Coming Tomorrow

Menstruation brings lots of emotional and physical changes. While these changes are severe in some females, some might not feel them. Certain hormonal changes are obvious in menstruating females, which may vary from female to female.

However, you can always look out for all those premenstrual symptoms to save yourself from the immediate frustration and exhaustion caused by sudden periods.

In some females, the menstrual cycle repeats on the same pattern, while in some, it does not follow any distinctive pattern. You are in the office, and you suddenly start to bleed. You are planning a vacation but are badly restricted by the period dates. You need to know when it will happen because you have to travel.

Although these situations can be overwhelming, women are not new to them. To save yourself from embarrassment later, it is always an excellent idea to carefully see the early indications that your period is coming tomorrow.

Can You Feel Your Period is Coming Tomorrow?

female hygiene pad with a tulip flower
female hygiene pad with a tulip flower

Certain signs and symptoms say that your period is coming anytime soon. But the period cycle is not something to trust holistically.

No matter how amazing and healthy your diet and lifestyle are, the period cycle still gets affected due to distinctive body development patterns and hormonal changes. Roughly 90% of females experience symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome, which may vary throughout the menstrual cycle.

What is Premenstrual Syndrome?

Premenstrual Syndrome, commonly known as PMS, indicates the symptoms and signs widely related to periods and vary from body to body. PMS happens in women after ovulation and right before their subsequent periods.

It is due to the decreased level of estrogen or progesterone after a woman ovulates. The PMS symptoms subside a few days after the period starts and disappears when the period ends.

Although PMS signs are quite obvious, not all females suffer from these symptoms right before their periods. Those with severe symptoms may feel it is pretty complicated to perform daily chores and feel frustrated and down all the time.

The severity of PMS symptoms leads to premenstrual dysphoric disorder, in which you must consult your doctor immediately.

Common Signs That Your Periods are Approaching

You expect your period but suddenly realize it was just a regular discharge, and the next day you see that red smudge. That is the most thwarting and horrible experience one could have, especially when it is unexpected. If you are unsure when your periods will start, there are certain symptoms to watch out for to track your period cycle.

These prevalent signs are listed below to help you understand that your periods are coming tomorrow.

1. Abdominal cramps

a girl having abdominal cramps
a girl having abdominal cramps

An abdominal cramp is one of the high-alert indicators that gear up. Your period is approaching fast. Most females, in fact, 85% of them feel abdominal cramps a week or 2-3 days before their period starts.

The pain is correlated to prostaglandin. According to NCBI, prostaglandin is responsible for uterus contractions. The cramps pain can be mild or progressing and can continue till the end of periods.

2. Mood swings

woman holding pictures with good and bad emotions having mood swings and smiling at positive herself
woman holding pictures with good and bad emotions having mood swings and smiling at positive herself

Have you ever felt your mood was unpredictable right before your periods? One moment down and the next moment up. You are feeling super excited about something, and suddenly you start crying.

All these mood swings are easy indicators of incoming periods; you should always pay attention to them. The hormonal changes that appear in the body also result in emotional changes. You can feel irritable, emotional, and angry at any time of the day, and that too, without any particular reason.

Mood swings are so much more critical as premenstrual indicators that in some females, the emotional symptoms are more server than the physical ones. The changing estrogen levels are involved behind these mood swings that can even lead to anxiety and depression right before your period arrives.

3. Bloating

a girl experiencing bloating
a girl experiencing bloating

Bloating is normal and a common sign that shows your period is arriving soon. Around the time of menstruation, the progesterone level increases, which affects the process of digestion. The slow functioning of the digestive system leads to stomach bloating.

Now, keep in mind that period bloating is not something that comes under the category of weight gain because this is temporary and usually goes away 2 to 3 days after the menstrual bleeding begins.

Menstrual bloating occurs due to water retention because you are craving more salty food. Bloating leads to:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • The feeling of a full belly

4. Increased sexual desire

a young couple
a young couple

This is probably a tough-to-watch-out symptom of periods indicator but is very common among females. If you feel more intimacy or increased sexual drive before your periods, it is the increased estrogen level that triggers that desire.

The vaginal discharge that occurs before periods assists in greater lubrication, making females more sexually attracted to their partners.

5. Skin acne

a girl having face acne
a girl having face acne

Skin acne is more likely to cause during this time of the month due to hormonal fluctuations. The skin acne that appears before menstruation is called cyclical acne and is caused due to the increased sebum production that clogs the pores. This pore clogging leads to skin breakout that is most common on the chin and jawline.

Some females have reported these skin outbreaks worsening, leading to scars. So, seeing a pimple on your skin after the ovulation phase indicates that your next period is on its way.

6. Backaches

a girl having backache
a girl having backache

The cramps are not just affecting your stomach. The lower back aches are excruciating and can even stop you from doing regular chores. So, if your back is hurting and not allowing you to get out of bed, know that the menstruation cycle is about to happen.

The increased levels of estrogen and progesterone increase the blood flow in the pelvic area while also restricting the sufficient blood supply to the lumbar arteries. Due to this reduced supply, the muscle gets stiff and causes pain in the lower back and thighs.

These 7 healthy habits can improve back health and give you relief from backache.

7. Fatigue

a girl feeling sluggish and tired
a girl feeling sluggish and tired

Fatigue is a common symptom that clues towards the arrival of periods soon. Females feel extremely low on energy just before the start of the period cycle due to the decreased level of progesterone.

The fluctuations in hormones (estrogen & progesterone) lead to increased body temperature while sleeping. It makes staying asleep discomforting, which makes one feel lethargic or low on energy the entire day. Even if you get enough sleep, you still feel sluggish and tired and do not want to leave your bed.

8. Breast pain

a girl having breast soreness and pain
a girl having breast soreness and pain

Cyclical breast pain is associated with the arrival of menstruation. Not only progesterone and estrogen are involved in the soreness of breasts, but prolactin also plays a pivotal role in this case. After ovulation, the hormonal level increases, resulting in mammary glands’ growth inside the breast.

As a result, you feel your breasts to be swollen. This is a crucial PMS symptom that is not common among all females. So, if you do not feel any tenderness in your breasts, do not worry, as it can go from mild to severe varying from each body type.

9. Food cravings

a girl taking a bite from a chocolate bar
a girl taking a bite from a chocolate bar

Progesterone which is at its maximum level right before menstruation, is involved in causing appetite. This is the reason why females crave more food before their periods. The serotonin level is decreased during the premenstrual phase, so your body starts finding ways to make it feel happy.

You get attracted towards spicy or sweet food and look for comfort food that will make you feel easy during this time. Consuming too much salty or sweet food is another reason for bloating that appears right before periods. Try to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

10. Dried vaginal discharge

a girl with Dried vaginal discharge
a girl with Dried vaginal discharge

The consistency and amount of cervical mucus vary throughout the menstrual cycle. It is more visible when the female is most fertile. If your vagina is throwing out dried-up discharge or lesser discharge than usual, this is another alarming sign that your period is coming tomorrow or anytime soon.

Since a female is least fertile during this stage, her vaginal discharge, a.k.a. cervical mucus, appears to be sticky in nature.

How to Manage Period Signs?

menstrual pads
menstrual pads

What if the PMS symptoms worsen and make you feel more exhausted even if you have tracked them earlier? This is the time to follow a balanced lifestyle, especially 8 to 10 days before the due date of periods.

If you feel severe pain or any other symptoms in their extreme form, there are a few valuable tips that can be extremely helpful.

  • Avoid salt, sweet, and caffeine intake.
  • Meditate with some yoga.
  • Make a habit of reading, drawing, painting, or anything that would keep you busy.
  • Get a good night’s sleep for almost 8 hours.
  • Drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated

If the symptoms continue to disturb you or the menstruation pain gets unbearable, consult a gynecologist immediately.

Summing Up

The PMS signs are quite easy to observe, especially when you are concerned about their arrival and do not want any red smudge to ruin your day. It can be extremely stressful to get periods before or after the due date, but with the help of alarming signs, it can get much easier.

The bleeding flow is different in each female who menstruates. Let us clarify that no one wants these guests to appear unexpectedly.

The symptoms we have stated above are easy to track if you have a normal to varied menstruation cycle. Recognizing these signs earlier can help you prepare for your period cycle’s arrival.

You can use our period calculator to keep track of your periods. You can predict your next period on the basis of the previous period’s date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On average, at which age do women have PMS symptoms?

On average, women at the age of 30 usually show PMS symptoms.

What is PMDD?

PMDD, abbreviated as a premenstrual dysphoric disorder, is a severe type of PMS in which you feel more anxiety, irritability, and period pain. Certain medications and consultations are required to tackle PMDD.

When do period signs disappear?

The period signs usually disappear 3 to 4 days after bleeding starts.

What is Leukorrhea?

Leukorrhea is the white discharge that appears right before the period starts. It is usually yellowish-white in appearance.

What is primary dysmenorrhea?

The abdominal cramps that occur before periods are called primary dysmenorrhea and are very common among females.

Is it possible to bleed during pregnancy?

Due to certain hormonal changes, light spotting or bleeding may appear during pregnancy. Bleeding, in this case, is usually pink or dark brown in color and does not cause any disturbance in pregnancy. However, if the bleeding continues, you need to consult your doctor.

Is it advisable to take supplements or minerals to treat PMS symptoms?

To reduce PMS symptoms, you may intake calcium, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Polyunsaturated fatty acids.


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