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Why are Two Hairs Growing From One Follicle

Hairs From One Follicle

While it often goes unnoticed, sometimes you may have two hairs growing from one follicle. If you’ve ever noticed, these hair seem darker than usual hair. They are darker because it isn’t a single hair but two hairs growing from one follicle. Known as pili multigemini, this condition of two hairs in one follicle is not very dangerous in most cases. Here is everything you need to know about pili multigemini.

What are Two Hairs Growing From One Follicle?Pili multigemini

Pili multigemini is defined as a condition where multiple hairs come out of a single hair follicle. While this condition mainly occurs in men’s beards and children’s scalps but may happen anywhere on the body where you have hair.

Most researchers do not know what causes two pubic hairs growing from one follicle, but most people believe it to be genetic. According to most researchers, Pili multigemini runs in the family.

Since the condition isn’t a significant cause of concern, it is believed that it may be more common than we think. Their overachieving follicles often go unnoticed.

Why are Two Hairs Growing From One Follicle

Most researchers believe that Pili multigemini is a genetic condition caused by the hair papilla subdividing itself into several hair shafts or several hair papillae being fused. Another hypothesis is that the follicles are reactivated, creating multiple shafts.

Are There Any Health Concerns Associated With Pili Multigemini?Health Concerns Pili Multigemini

Is two hairs growing from one follicle bad? In most cases, the only concern of pili multigemini is the different appearance of the hair. Nevertheless, sometimes people may experience some itching near the site of hair growth.


In some cases, the hair follicle gets infected. This condition is known as folliculitis. This condition results in the formation of painful bumps looking like acne. If they are linked with shaving, these are called razor bumps.

Folliculitis will usually resolve independently without any treatment needed, but if the infection becomes worse, you should consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Getting Rid of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

How to stop two hairs from growing from one follicle? While some people aren’t bothered by this condition, others may want to avoid the discomfort as it could lead to an infection. Here are some of the solutions to get get rid of this condition.

1. PluckingA girl doing Plucking 

One way to get rid of multiple hairs in one follicle is to pluck the hair that grows out together. However, this is an excruciating process because some hair may be rooted more deeply than other hair. Waxing is the standard method for plucking the hair instead of plucking them out. But the problem is that over time the hair will grow back.

2. ShavingA Men Doing Shave

Shaving is another way of removing multiple hairs that grows from one follicle. This also helps to stop the infections from the hair root. When they rise again, they need to be shaved off. This, again, is a temporary solution. Shaving may result in ingrown hair or genital herpes and may sometimes cause Pili multigemini.

3. ElectrolysisElectrolysis Hair Removel

Electrolysis is another safe method of removing the two hair from one follicle. This method involves destroying the hair roots with heat or chemicals. To kill the follicles, a fine probe is inserted to make the follicles sleep permanently. The technique, however, is expensive because each follicle needs to be treated. If the condition is widespread, the treatment can become very costly.

4. Laser Hair RemovalA girl taking laser treatment on face

If you search for a long-lasting solution, you can opt for LHR, laser hair removal. This method permanently reduces hair growth if performed correctly. However, it may be costly, cause irritation or discomfort, change skin color, and cause regrowth of hair over time. When performed accurately, these problems are negligible.

How to Prevent Multiple Hair Growth in One Follicle

Since the question of why do I have two hairs growing from one follicle is still unclear, prevention methods aren’t usually known. However, there are a few things the American Academy of Dermatologists recommends as follows.

  • Use a clean and sharp razor.
  • Shave only when the skin and hair are wet
  • Shave in the direction of your natural hair growth
  • Make sure to rinse the blades as you’re shaving
  • Between the shaves, let the razor dry thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

The Verdict

In most cases, two hair growing from one follicle, Pili multigemini isn’t much of a health concern because it doesn’t cause any harm. Nevertheless, it can cause itching, irritation, and infected hair follicles in some cases. While the issue will resolve on its own in most cases, if you experience a rash moving to other body parts or fever, make sure to visit a doctor.

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