How To Get Gum Out of Car Seat

How to get gum out of car seat

Method 1: Freeze the Gum

Step 1: use an ice pack or put a few blocks of ice in a plastic bag and close it. Instead of using the ice directly, the plastic bag helps keep the water from the melting ice from seeping into the car seat. A double plastic bag for the ice can also be used to prevent any water from leaking out. 

How to get gum out of car seat

Step 2: Apply the ice pack or bag of ice directly onto the affected area of the car seat. Keep the ice in that position for at least 5 minutes to harden and freeze the gum. it makes it easier to remove as it reduces the gum’s stickiness. 

How to get gum out of car seat

Step 3: use a scraper, putty knife, or butter knife to remove the hardened gum from the car seat. Scrape until all the gum comes off but remember to use only the flat side while using the scrape to avoid damaging the fabric. 

How to get gum out of car seat

Method 2: Using White Vinegar

Step 1: dip a cloth in a solution of warm water and white vinegar and then apply the soaked cloth to the gum. Rub for a while until the vinegar soaks into the gum. Vinegar causes the gum to loosen and ball up, making it easy to remove. The warmer the solution, the better. After this is done, pull off the gum with your fingers or tweezers. 

How to get gum out of car seat

Step 2: to remove the residue, mix a tablespoon of dish soap in a tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of water and warm the solution. Mix the solution until it forms suds and then dip a toothbrush, cloth, or nail brush in it. Use this brush to gently rub on the affected area and remove the gum residue. Use a clean damp cloth to remove any solution left and let the stain air dry.

How to get gum out of car seat

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