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What Do Dead Hair Follicles Look Like? (Answered)

What Do Dead Hair Follicles Look Like?
What Do Dead Hair Follicles Look Like?

If you have a basic understanding of plants, you’d know that plants’ roots promote growth. Not much differently, our follicles encourage the healthy development of hair.

Weak hair follicles can lead to shedding hair and further hair thinning due to damage. Your hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands that produce sebum, a fatty substance that nourishes the scalp and follicle.

Without proper nourishment, your hair follicles can die and eventually lead to hair loss. However, you can prevent reaching the dead hair follicle stage if you care well enough for dormant or damaged follicles.

What does a hair follicle look like? What do damaged or dead hair follicles look like? Do hair-dead hair follicles grow back? And how can you reactivate your hair follicles? We’ve covered every little detail for you right here!

How Do I Know My Hair Follicles are Damaged?

damaged hair follicles
damaged hair follicles

How to tell if your hair is dead? If you’re in doubt about your hair follicles and if they’re damaged, you should look for some signs. Even if you have damaged hair follicles, you can get them going with proper care. Here are some signs to watch out for.

  • Thinning of hair or hair loss 
  • Extreme scalp dryness 
  • Flakiness, irritation, or redness

How to Know if Hair Follicles are Dead?

Hair Follicle Structure
Hair Follicle Structure

When the cells of your hair follicle die, the hair still regrows after the rest. However, when your hair follicles die entirely or are dead, hair will not regrow.

How can you know if the follicles are dead?

Take a look at your scalp and inspect for any signs of growth. If you witness a fuzzy texture or thin patches of hair, your follicles may still be alive, renewing, and growing.

However, if you notice no activity for around a month, your cells may be dead genetically or through trauma.

Do Dead Hair Follicles Grow Back, or Can They be Revived?

hair follicles
hair follicles

Well, it is possible to revive dead hair follicles if you have hair follicles pulled out but only in specific scenarios. If you catch the problem in its initial stages, you’re more likely to regrow them.

If you notice hair thinning or excessive hair loss, it’s best to take action there and then; without further delay. In the initial damage stage, the hair growth phase can return.

However, if your hair follicles have been damaged for a long time or are dead, they are less likely to be revived. In this case, you’ll need to consult a hair specialist to start hair fall treatment soon. The earlier you start, the better the chances of reviving hair follicles and regrowing hair.

How Long Do Hair Follicles Take to Grow Back?

If you have hair follicle damage, they will usually grow back in a month or two only if your scalp doesn’t need recovery from injury.

With damaged hair follicles, however, it can take several years. It may take as many as four years for hair to regrow normally. However, if the damage is permanent, hair stands will not grow again.

How to Reactivate Hair Follicles?

a man putting oil in his hair for follicle restoration
a man putting oil in his hair for follicle restoration

If you feel that your hair follicles are clogged or blocked, you can take several steps to reactivate and revive them. These include a change in your diet, medical condition treatment, lifestyle changes, and medical supplements and treatment.

Here is a guide on maintaining the health of your hair follicles.

Consume a Balanced Diet

Your diet plays an essential part in the nutrition of your hair follicles. Hair follicles stay healthy and strong with a balanced and healthy diet.

Nutrients necessary to maintain the growth of hair follicles include Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Protein, Zinc, Vitamin A, selenium, and magnesium. Add these elements to your diet for healthy hair follicles.

You can add these best foods for strong hair to your diet!

Treat Medical Conditions

If your inactive hair follicles are because of a medical condition, the way to reactivate the follicles is to consider the medical condition.

Sometimes, medical treatments like chemotherapy can cause rapid hair loss. Hence, try to get to the root of the issue for the best results.

Adapt Healthier Lifestyle Changes

Our lifestyle has a significant impact on our health. A good lifestyle includes exercise, a healthy diet, refraining from addiction, and minimal stress.

With these things on track, most health issues will subside independently, including hair fall issues. So, focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Reduce the Consumption of Greasy, Oily Foods

Oily and greasy foods can lead to clogged blood vessels and clogged hair follicles. With the hair follicles clogged, hair growth stops. Therefore, try to cut down on greasy foods to improve hair follicle health.

You can use CLA Safflower oil for cooking your food. Here is the list of benefits of CLA Safflower oil.

Medical Supplements and Treatment

If you face clogged hair follicles pulled out or inactive follicles, it’s best to take action as quickly as possible. If the natural methods of treating hair follicles aren’t working, you may opt for medical care.

Sometimes, medical treatments like hair transplants or laser therapy can help revive hair follicles. If the problem isn’t too severe, your doctor may prescribe supplements to fulfill your nutritional needs to improve your hair follicle health. 

How to Unclog Hair Follicles?

natural hair products, natural hair oil and healthy food
natural hair products, natural hair oil, and healthy food

If your hair follicles are clogged, you should know about ways to reopen them. Here are a few things to know about how to reopen hair follicles.

  • Having a good diet, including the proper nutrients, is essential.
  • Opt for natural hair products rather than chemical ones.
  • Exfoliate your scalp when needed.
  • Taking cold showers can help unclog hair follicles.
  • Try to use essential oils and natural oils to encourage hair follicle growth. 

Final Words

The health of your hair follicles is essential to good hair growth. Sometimes, hair follicles may become damaged or die, causing hair to fall and thin. If you notice any such concerns, starting treatment as early as possible is best, as it gets harder to treat later.

If you see damaged or dead hair follicles, don’t delay treatment; begin immediately for the best results and take care of your hair. We hope the information above helps you through your journey!


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