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How to Wrap Hair with a Scarf for Sleeping?

wrap hair with a scarf for sleeping

You spend 2 hours on your hairdo, like curling or straightening, but the next day you wake up with the same frizzy and dry hair. So now you have to redo everything, and it can be frustrating for everyone. Moreover, sleeping without any protective measures leads you to frizzy, dry and split hair. To avoid this damage and save your time, you can use a single low-budget technique named wrapping hair.

Wrap your hair while sleeping to protect hair style and keep your sleek or curly hair with you in a long way. If you don’t know how to wrap hair with a scarf for sleeping, then read this article with a step-by-step guide.

What is a Hair Wrap?

hair wrap

Before getting directly into the guide, you should know about hair wrap. It can be any scarf, made up of any material. However, a silk scarf is recommended to avoid hair frizz because cotton stuff causes frizz in curly hair. Moreover, you can also make your hair straight and curl overnight with wrapping. You have to use the plopping technique to create beautiful curls, while the sleek technique wraps hair tightly around your head with the help of bobby pins.

Why Should You Wrap Your Hair at Night?

No one wants to treat their hair with heating tools repeatedly. With this technique, you can preserve your hair look till you take a bath. During the night, your hair strands get disturbed while changing your sides and friction with the pillowcase. But wrapping helps you keep your hair safe from frizziness and loss of natural hair texture. However, if your hair has tight curls, it might not work for you.

Moreover, there are the following benefits of hair wrapping.

  • Reduce Dryness

Our hair scalp produces natural oils to avoid dryness during sleep, but cotton pillowcases remove those oils. Using a silk scarf helps you by giving you a protective layer.

  • Keep Style in Place

Nowadays, hair takes hours to style; therefore, a silk scarf helps to preserve them.

  • Protect from Damage

You know how these hair tools and chemicals damage hair if you are fond of curling, straightening, bleaching, etc. In these conditions, wrapping up hair in a silk scarf keeps moisture locked and reduces friction to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

  • Fight Tangles

People with longer hair face tangling that causes hair breakage, and it hurts the most while wrapping up hair saves you from this. With hair wrap on, you can toss and turn without any worry while sleeping.

  • Night Time Ritual

Self-care is important to show yourself some love. Therefore, to avoid breakage and show love, you should wrap your hair during sleep.

Not all people have the same hair and natural style, so wrapping your hair will demand a slightly different method, therefore.

How to Wrap Curly Hair in Silk Scarf?

sleep with curly hairs

To wrap your hair, you need a silk hair scarf ( wide enough to cover hair ) and any hair serum or oil. The process is easy and takes a minute to do, and once you become used to it, it takes no time. To do this, follow these steps.

  • To prepare your hair for wrapping, apply 2-3 drops of hair oil or serum or as needed.
  • Get a square silk scarf wide according to your hair length. If you don’t have a scarf of the appropriate size, then you can consider buying a new one.
  • Fold it in a way to create a triangle shape.
  • Next, place it on a flat surface, the corner of the triangle should not be facing you.
  • Please put all your hair down on it and pile it up on top of your head.
  • Next, take the front corner and fold it towards the neck by covering your hair.
  • Now hold the remaining both corners and bring them back.
  • Cross both at the back and bring forward.
  • Tie a knot at your forehead.
  • The process has been completed.

How to Wrap Straight Hair in Silk Scarf?

wrap a straight hair

The process for all hair types is the same, but to preserve straight hair, you have to prepare your hair before wrapping, and this process needs bobby pins, serum, and a silk headscarf.

  • Firstly, brush your hair and apply a few drops of serum to add extra shine.
  • Divide your hair into two equal parts to make the process easiest.
  • Take one part and wrap it around by keeping them straight and smooth.
  • Adjust with a bobby pin whenever you feel that hair is moving the wrong way.
  • Wrap both sides, and don’t forget to smooth hair strands.
  • Once you are done with wrapping, remove extra bobby pins to secure hair.
  • Now, take a hair scarf and fold it in a triangle shape.
  • Place it on your head in a way that the corner is on the neck and both sides at your front side.
  • Wrap both sides around the head and tie a knot at the front.
  • Now, you are ready to wake up with healthy and bouncy hair.


Using a silk hair wrap helps you maintain healthy hair because overnight cotton pillowcases absorb essential oils of hair and make them dry, damaged, and dull. At the same time, a scarf saves your hair from frizziness and dryness due to friction. So, use a satin or silk scarf to maintain hair moisture, texture and keep your hair healthy.

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