Ashley Graham Weight Loss Journey | How did she lost about 20lb of weight?

Ashley Graham's Weight Loss

Ashley Graham is a supermodel, Instagram influencer, and TV presenter. She is a plus-sized model and a designer who designed for a plus-sized retailer company. She participated in many catwalk shows. She was the first plus-sized model appointed in 2016. She is an influencer for plus-sized models and people. She herself started modeling at the age of twelve. She kept on excelling and soon she was seen at the TV shows. She appeared in MTV’s, influencing the models. She performed the role of a judge in a modeling competition show, America’s next top model.

Full NameAshley Ann Graham
GrandfatherJohn A. Friesen
GrandmotherLeOra Siebert
Mother NameLinda Graham
Date of BirthOctober 30, 1987
Zodiac SignScorpio
Age33 years
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
SiblingsAbigail Graham
Plus-size model, television presenter, activist, adult model, Youtuber
SpouseJustin Ervin
ChildrenIsaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin
Current Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$12 Million
Favorite FoodFrench Fries
Favorite Song
Love You Forever (Fred Hammond)

Ashley`s Opinion about Weight Loss

Ashley Graham weight loss Opinion

Her talks and being an influencer on Instagram clearly shows that she has never been ashamed of showing her bulky body but in fact, her popularity as a plus-sized model depends on her body. She was the one who motivated other bulky women to be as confident as the skinny women are and motivate fat women to feel comfortable. A lot of her fans loved her for her mentality. She herself never liked to judge someone on the basis of their appearance or body size. Regarding models, she is the first American woman to have changed the attitudes of the public towards models. Her weight once reached 200lb about 91 kg but she is never ashamed of her weight.

Why did she Lose her Weight?

Why Ashley Graham Lost Weight?

Ashley Graham never talks openly about this but the motivation behind her weight loss can be the people’s general opinion about bulky people. As many amongst us believe that people generally troll bulky people about their appearance. In order to be beautiful, people feel that it is important for them to be thin and to be the best at what they do. Further, it is a common statement “Obesity is the mother disease.” That is actually true. Many diseases like hypertension, type two diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and Dyslipidemia are caused due to obesity.

Weight Ashley Graham Lost

Weight Ashley Graham Lost

It is noticed that Ashley Graham lost about 20lb of weight. Ashley Graham’s sudden loss in weight results in many hated comments by the fans.

Ashley Graham Diet Plan

Ashley Graham Diet Plan

Ashley likes to have healthy food more than junk food. Good food is always healthy. Ashley includes rice, veggies, and fruits along with healthy juices. Her whole day routine is as follow:

1- Breakfast

Ashley likes to have a smoothie for her breakfast. It is a healthy choice as well as tasty. She never left for work without having a perfect smoothie. Ashley Graham shared that her smoothie always consists of healthy ingredients. Her smoothie is a mixture of lemon, kale, Apple, ginger, beetroot, and parsley. She also loves to add spinach. Navigate the world of online gaming with confidence by exploring , your ultimate guide to safe and secure online casinos. Our site offers in-depth reviews and insights into the most reliable and user-friendly gaming platforms. Focused on your security and enjoyment, we provide the information you need to make informed choices.

2- Lunch

She loves to have Quinoa in her dinner along with a bowl of brown rice. Brown rice is always preferred over white rice. She loves to have tahini tipping. She is fond of veggies in her lunch whether booked, half-cooked, or fully cooked. She always has a lunch full of vitamins. She likes the veggies chopped and arranged to be served as a salad. Most commonly she used quips, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and green leafy vegetables that are full of vitamins. She uses tahini or pesto sauce as toppings.

3- Dinner

Ashley Graham’s diet plan for the night clearly stated that having carbs in food is not bad as carbs are necessary to increase energy and boost up one’s power. She says that she likes to have sweet potatoes as her dinner. Baked salmon has always been a part of her dinner. Fresh arugula salad is her favorite as well. She loves to have dinner at home. One of the basic causes of a healthy life is eating right at the right time. She puts it that she never had dinner before night.

4- Midday Snacks

Chocola tree chia crackers are her mid-day snacks.

5- Cheat day lunch/dinner

Sometimes cheating in a diet plan is not so bad but if it remains for some time. Having food that one likes is good, so is some by her. Sometimes you can alternate your lunch or dinner to have some chill. Ashley Graham likes to have Mac meal on her cheat day. She also likes to taste cheese.

Ashley Graham’s Workout Routine

Ashley Graham's Workout Routine

It is clear that Ashley Graham never felt hard for her bulky body. Her workout routine was to ensure that her mind felt relaxed. She said in an interview “When my body works out my mind deals well”. In short, Ashley works out to be active and relaxed not for being slim and smart. Ashley works with her friend and trainer Pena who once shared her workout routine. Her workout routine is as follow:

No of reps:20

No of reps: 20

3-Speed skaters
No of reps:20

4- Sumo Squat
No of reps: 20

5- Burpees
No of reps: 20

6- Body ball burpees
No of reps: 20

7-Ball smash
No of reps: 20

8- Slash Hammer
No of reps: 20

9- Jackknife
No of reps: 25

10- Planks
No of reps: 15

11-Triceps extensions
No of reps: 20

12-Bent over row
No of reps: 20

13-Lateral raises
No of reps:20

No of reps: 35

15-Dumbbell biceps curl
No of reps: 20

16-Dumbbell chest fly
No of reps: 20

17-Dumbbell bench press
No of reps:20

18-Lat pulldown
No of reps: 20

19-Machine shoulder press
No of reps: 20

20-Triceps kickback:
No of reps: 20

Her Fan Reaction to her Weight Loss

Her fans criticize him for her weight loss. They didn’t like her transformation. She was bullied for her weight loss because they think that Ashley bowed herself for the criticism. They knew her as an influencer and motivation against body shaming for the plus-sized people. They were whether she stays in the category of the plus-sized model or not. In a recent post on Instagram, she uploaded her photo in a green and pink dress.

Ashley Graham Accused of Losing Too much Weight

People were amazed to see her such a noticeable change. A person was offensive to a level that he refused to follow Ashley. Another says that she is looking pretty but she should not lose much. People were shocked at her slimmer look. One says, “too skinny”. People seem desperate by her choice of losing her weight. Most people say that she is not even a plus size anymore.

Armey Graham has faced a lot of criticism over her weight and body appearance and also on her workout routine. But she remained ahead fast and chose to love her body and herself throughout. She loves herself and encourages all the young bulky women to do so. She is the real power for the bulky women.

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