5 Romantic Gift Ideas That Will Spark The Attraction In Her

Being romantic within an intimate relationship over time is one of the best ways that you can keep your bond tight yet fun, exciting and spicy all at the same time.

An overwhelming number of relationships that have lasted for several months or even several decades seem to be dissolving quickly because of the fact that the romantic element that once brought them together no longer plays as big of a role in the movie of their love as it did back then.

How do you currently feel about the level of romance between yourself and the woman that you are in a relationship with right now?

Many men may feel as if they are true gladiators within this arena and that no one else can even think about topping them when it comes to romancing their ladies.  You may have been Mr. Romance when you first met her or even during the first stage of your relationship.  But, can you honestly say that is still the case?

Even if you are truly doing the very best that you can when it comes to romancing your woman, all men have areas of improvement that they can work on to do better.  Nobody can ever be perfect, but we can all strive for perfection.  There are so many different things that you can do and purchase for the woman that holds your heart in her hand that are guaranteed to sweep her off of her feet and steal her breath away from her lungs within an instant.  What are some of the most romantic gift ideas that you can use?

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Remember to Focus on Her, Not Yourself

Before discussing the different ideas that can be used, you must first understand the main principle of being romantic overall.  When you want to make her feel attraction, you have to make sure that your focus is on the right person.  It can be so easy to think that we are being romantic by doing something that we both can enjoy – us and our women alike.  That is not the case at all.

If you want to be romantic, you have to always make sure that the focus is on her – not you.  Focus on what will make her happy; her happiness needs to be the primary source of your joy.  More attraction tips are provided in Tao System of Badass book. If you are able to enjoy doing whatever it is that you do, that is fine.  However, the more important part is making sure that it is something that she enjoys so much more than you.

Turning a Good Idea into a Great Idea

Many of the ideas that will be covered within this article have already been conceptually done before.  You may read through them at first glance or scan over the subheadings and feel that you have already been there and done that.  If that thought crosses your mind, the best thing that you can do is get rid of it as soon as possible.

The basic concept of a romantic idea may be something that you have done before, but the key to unlocking a new level of romance is by taking those concepts to a much higher level of intimacy.  Look at the basic concept as a skeleton that you now have to breathe new life into so that you can be sure to take her breath away from her.  By keeping these points in mind, you can now proceed to consider the following romantic ideas for her.

Make a Classic Mix Tape

People have been using beautiful music to sweep the people that they care about off of their feet for many centuries.  Over time, this musical trend evolved in many different ways until it finally reached the stage of the mix tape.  The mix tape is highly effective and a popular gift choice, because it allows people to give the gift of music without having to be good at music themselves.  If you can’t sing or play an instrument but want to do your very best to blow her mind with sweet melodies, you can create a mix tape filled with her favorite songs from artists and musicians that can sing and play instruments instead.  How can you enhance this concept?

Random mix tapes filled with popular songs from popular artists is fine, but not as effective as mix tapes that are customized with a message or running theme behind them.  Do you have something that you want to say to her?  Create a mix tape with a track list of songs that primarily focus on that message.

Are you trying to commemorate different milestones (i.e. first date, first kiss, proposal, marriage, childbirth, etc.) that have been reached throughout your relationship?  Build a track list of songs that reflect those milestones for you through music.  Do not just randomly choose a bunch of today’s top 40 hits and give it to her.  Put the time and effort into compiling a track list that truly does mean something and that will automatically enhance the sentimental value of this gift.

Here are some great ideas for her – not romantic but still useful:

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Create Your Own Concert Experience

Thousands of couples go to concerts throughout the year to help keep the attraction level of their relationship fairly high.  This may seem to work for a while, but can become very bland over time.   After attending concerts over and over again, the experience can quickly become just like going to a movie every week.  Anything that can normally excite her when done in moderation can quickly bore her out of her mind if you do it too much.

How, then, can you enhance this concept to make it even more romantic? Give a front-row seat as a gift to your concert.  Even if you can’t sing or play an instrument, she will appreciate the sentimental value and the effort that you put into it.  Singing her favorite song is one idea, but writing your own original song and performing it would be even more romantic.

Do Something that You Hate but She Loves

One of the best things that you can do is something that you normally would not do.  It doesn’t take long in a relationship before you and your woman know each other’s limitations.  You know what she is willing to do for you and you know what she refuses to do, even if it something that you thoroughly enjoy.

Isn’t it great, though, when she is able to put her normal sense of rejection away for even a night and do it anyway for you?  Can you imagine, then, how lovely it would be for you to do the same for her?  This may take a lot of humbling on your part to be able to do this, but that self-sacrificing attitude is what will make that moment so memorable and special for her.

Give Her a Nostalgic Flashback

One of the things that most women enjoy talking about is their past memories as a child.  They may enjoy sharing information with you about the dreams that they enjoyed having as a child, the games that they loved playing or even the toys and books that they cherished as the most precious things in the world to them at that time.

As we get older in life, we are not always able to hold on to those childhood treasures even though we may have had some strong emotional ties to those items back then.   That is why buying one of these valuable items for her now would be truly an amazing gift that she would never forget and create an essence of romance that both of you will always remember.

A Getaway Just for Her

Vacation getaways seem to be a popular choice for many couples that want to have a romantic long-term outing away from it all with one another.  There is a wide variety of resorts, hotel suites and international vacation destinations that you can choose from in order to truly make these trips memorable and amazing.  How can you enhance the romance factor, though?  You can give her a getaway vacation just for her.

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Allow her to have a break away from everything and everyone – including you – in a beautiful place that she can enjoy simply by being able to relax and do nothing for no one else but herself.  This idea is great for any stage of your relationship, but is especially effective for married couples.  It is very easy for a woman to get so caught up in being someone’s girlfriend, wife and mother that they forget who they are and never have a moment to themselves.  One of the most romantic things that you can do, then, is by allowing her to finally have an opportunity where she can get back to basics and focus solely on herself for an extended period of time.

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As you can see, there are many different things that you can do to increase the level of romance that is residing within the walls of your relationship.  The key principle that you always want to keep in mind, though, is that you want to find as many ways as possible to keep her happy and show her how much you love her more than you tell her.  That is the key to keeping your relationship successful, spicy and romantic!

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