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Strengthen your Immune System and Fight Infections, Colds, Flu and Cancer

Category : Cancer

When people get sick, it shows that their immune system is working properly. Some people never get sick, and this isn’t always good because it might mean that there are no antibodies to fight a disease. Antibodies identify antigens and neutralize them. Antigens are foreign substances in the body. When the antigens are neutralized, you won’t be the host and therefore not sick. Sometimes an immune system has low levels of antibodies, and this could lead to the development of repeated infections.

The main antibodies are abbreviated as IgG, IgA, IgE, and IgM. These antibodies can be elevated or suppressed, and this could be a problem. For instances when IgM is elevated, there are high chances of developing various autoimmune disorders, viral hepatitis, nephrotic syndrome, etc. when these antibodies are suppressed, one can develop autoimmune hemolytic anemia (the body attack red blood cells), lupus, some types of leukemia, etc.

Boosting immunity start with quitting smoking, eating a diet with fruits and vegetables, exercise, controlling blood pressure. Here are 11 ways to boost immunity;

  1. Always use Flunada when you go out in public – this over-the-counter spray is a combination of wintergreen herbs, mint and elderberry that help in protections against pathogens
  2. Get vitamin D – you need the sunshine to get vitamin D. The Vitamin produced by your skin when the skin comes in contact with sunlight. However, avoid too much sun as it can cause skin cancer or sunburns. You need about 20 minutes in the sun, and you have your Vitamin D.
  3. Start using reishi mushrooms – polysaccharides found in Reishi boost antibodies responsiveness. It mainly boosts IgG antibodies. Working IgG antibodies will improve phagocytosis process. This process enables the cells to gobble up and neutralize poisons. When phagocytosis occurs efficiently, you will have a restful sleep, better energy, and reduced allergies.
  4. Drink tea – you can drink green tea, Tulsi tea, or Holy Basil. Tea boost immunity. Tulsi will help your body to fight infections even severe viral diseases. Research conducted suggested that Tulsi can assist in fighting Swine flu. Also, a randomized trial suggests that holy basil improve Natural Killer cells and T helper cells. This proves that it has strong immunomodulatory effects.
  5. Have enough sleep – sometimes people can spend most of the night watching their favorite show and realize that they have only two hours to sleep. However, research has shown that when you don’t sleep at night, your immune system is weakened. You need about 8 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy.
  6. Eat garlic – eating garlic might give you undesirable breaths but it will improve your health. Garlic helps in boosting your immune system. Studies have also shown that garlic helps in preventing heart diseases.

Garlic is also delicious, and you can blend raw garlic and pesto and throw it over bread or pasta. When you are feeling bold, you can whip up homemade immunity shot with ginger, lemon, raw garlic and carrots for a system boost.

  1. Drink ginger, honey, turmeric and lemon with warm water – Most people believe that this tonic can cure colds. Is this just a tale or does it work? Research on every ingredient shows good results.

A study published in 2012 found that honey act as an immunity booster. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and possesses antiviral properties. It can treat motion sickness and nausea. Lemon has high Vitamin C and can be used to treat a common cold. Also, studies have shown that curcumin, which is found in turmeric, regulate the immune system.

  1. Drink chicken soup – a chicken soup has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, and this is due to chicken and vegetables.

Studies have shown that when chicken soup is made with sweet potatoes, onions, chicken, parsnips, carrots, turnips, parsley, celery, pepper and salt, it slows the movement of white blood cells into the respiratory tract. This relieves cold symptoms.

  1. Exercise weekly – participating in exercises such as daily stroll and yoga classes in a week will help boost your immune system.

Exercise may force the bacteria out of your lungs which reduce chances of picking up airborne diseases. Also, exercise causes the white blood cells to move rapidly which improve on illness detection by the immune system.

  1. Take yogurt for breakfast – yogurt has probiotics which can strengthen your immune system. A study conducted involving New Zealand athletes found that those who consumed probiotics had 40% fewer gastrointestinal infections and cold. Also, yogurt has Vitamin D which boost your immune system.
  2. Laugh – a study conducted in 2007 found that laughter can give you an immunity boost. Instead of watching episodes until late in the night, you can watch few episodes of a comedy show. Being happy and having a positive attitude can lower stress and promote sleep. Perhaps this is the most fun way to have an immunity boost.


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Benefits of Argan Oil

Category : Food

There is no avoiding the craze of Argan oil. Although it may feel like you can’t escape it, you may not want to. If you are looking for something to add to your daily beauty routine, Argan oil may quickly become your new favorite addition.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a natural aromatic oil that is extracted from the Morocco native Argan tree.

Argan oil has many different vitamins and minerals in it, including:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids
  • Linoleic Acid

The combination of these beneficial ingredients forms your hair’s new best friend.

What Does it Do?

Argan oil truly is a multi-purpose oil. From hair to skin, this miracle extract does a lot of good for your body. The Tocopherol that comes from the Vitamin E in the oil helps boost cell production, which means thicker, silkier, healthier and stronger hair! Argan oil also repairs split ends, prevents sun damage, tames hair making it easier to control and style, protects hair from the excessive heat from styling tools, and is non-greasy!

How Can I Use It?

There are many different ways to use Argan oil and reap all of its benefits.

Leave-in Conditioner

Argan oil makes for an amazing leave-in conditioner. Just rub a few drops between your hands and comb the oil through damp hair with your fingers! This will leave your hair tangle-free and prevent that after shower frizz! Plus, if you decide to style your hair, the oil will double as a protective layer from heat damage!

After Styling

Another great way to use Argan oil is after you have finished styling your hair! Just add a drop to your hands and lightly run the ends of your hair through your hands. For an added tip – avoid touching your dry roots with the Argan oil to prevent greasy-looking roots!

Hair Mask

Why not go all out and use Argan oil as a hair mask? This will really maximize the fantastic effects! Coat your hair from root to tip, wrap your hair in a towel, leave the mask to sit overnight and wash it out with shampoo in the morning!

As you can tell, the benefits and uses of Argan oil are endless. If you’re looking for an easy way to introduce Argan oil into your hair care routine, check out this amazing Vapor Treatment Iron by Be. Professional that infuses Argan Infusion Oil into your hair as you use it! Keep in mind that the Argan is not the full, pure oil, it is mixed with other things in order to be able to be used in the iron. Not only will it leave your hair feeling silky, smooth, it also maintains style,  retains moisture, and works with even the most unruly of hair types!

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From Blank to BAM! 8 Ideas for Amazing Walls

Category : Lifestyle

If you’re like me, there is that one blank, destitute wall in your home that almost resembles the background for a mug shot.
Maybe it’s an area where no furniture will fit, or it’s so long that you can’t figure out what to do with it. Or maybe you have just been slack. Whatever the case, below are some amazing and unique ways to put that stale, forlorn collection of drywall to better use, doing what it was meant to do – make your home look wow!

1) Chalkboard Calendar

No more excuses for lost schedules or missed appointments! Find a chalkboard paint you love. Paint the wall one color and create date blocks. Add numbers to the corners, and voila!

2) Vintage Book Pages

These could just be copies of pages you love, but it definitely packs a lot of punch! Coat the backs of the pages with wallpaper paste and pop them on the wall. Seal with clear coat to protect them.

3) Stenciled Shapes

Circles are always in style, but try squares, ovals, or even hexagons. Use complementary colors and paint them in chains, across the chair rail area, or just get random!
4) Upcycled Bottle Caps

Flatten them or leave them intact, and apply them with putty. When set, apply grout to secure. Bottoms up!

5) Wall Decals

There are tons of cool removable decals! Pick a theme and make your wall a changeable masterpiece!

6) Graffiti

Invite some friends and go crazy! Sharpies or paint pens can be used to doodle, scribble, and create a spectacular urbanite landscape on your wall!

7) Pallet Wood

Very on-trend! Split pallets into separate boards and attach to wall in a pattern, or frame out specific areas. Designer look on the cheap!

8) Paint Chips

Bonus: Free wall décor! Collect a batch of favorite colors, and mod-podge to the entire wall. Cover with clear sealant to protect them.
Lastly, have fun & go get busy!

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Why Do Women Cheat on Their Partners? 

Category : Lifestyle

When we talk about cheating in a marriage, it’s often assumed that the man is the one doing the cheating. While this is generally true, it is also possible for women to cheat. A study indicated that about 20% of married women cheat. And just like men, they often cite dissatisfaction in their relationship as a primary cause for cheating. Unlike men, fewer women feel the need to cheat when they’re in a happy relationship – 34% of women who cheated noted that they were in a happy marriage. Around 56% of cheating men described their marriage as happy.

This means that if your relationship is troubled, you may feel the need to get a private investigator to investigate your partner’s actions. There’s actually a chance that your suspicions are correct. However, knowing the cause of why women cheat can help you prevent cheating by fixing the underlying issues in your relationship.

The following are some of the main reasons that women cheat:

  1. Emotional satisfaction – Generally, women crave emotional fulfillment more than men. They are also more open about discussing it than men – which can often cause an issue when men try to avoid the discussion or totally ignore their wife’s emotional needs. Women like to feel appreciated, to be told that they’re beautiful and desirable. Just because you’re married and/or have kids doesn’t mean that the romance is dead or that you can just ignore each other.

If she doesn’t feel that you appreciate her or validate her actions and effort, she may just fall for the colleague, friend, or even neighbor who does. 

Spend some quality time together; talk like you did before you got married. If you have kids, leave them with a relative or babysitter so you can have a date night. Give words of appreciation when she fulfills her goals or did some task she’s proud of.  Congratulate her and celebrate any promotions, birthdays, and other important event. Act as if you would when you were still wooing her.

  1. Sexual satisfaction – Women also like to have sex. Unlike men who tend to objectify a sexual encounter, women tend to focus on the emotional and relationship part of sex. It’s one way to show intimacy. If the amount of sex has decreased, it can be interpreted that you’ve lost interest in her and don’t find her attractive any more. This can lead to seeking validation from outside the marriage that she is desirable.

If she’s the one who is shying away from sex, try to find her reasons and have an honest discussion. You can then both work on a solution together.

  1. Falling out of love – When women cheat, it’s often something that develops over time. Feelings of loneliness and neglect, under-appreciation, lack of validation from their spouse, abuse and mistreatment can all contribute to a woman falling out of love. They slowly start confiding in others, seeking validation and appreciation outside the marriage. This can develop into intimacy and romantic feelings and a full-fledged affair. Some women would even seek an affair not because they fell in love with someone else, but they just want to escape their marriage – hoping their husband will be the one to end it.

This is harder to reverse and may get to a point that the best option will be to end the marriage. The best way to prevent this is to keep her loving you. A good rule to follow is to fall back on the things you did right when you were still dating. Always show her that you love her and give her a reason to keep falling in love with you.

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Effectiveness of laser hair removal

Category : Women

When it comes to laser hair removal, there’s no alternative that’s as effective, except, maybe electrolysis. But laser hair removal is easily available to people and there are well trained, certified technicians to carry out the procedure. The procedure lasts anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour and may be spread across 6 to 8 sessions. The results vary, because it depends on skin tone but for the most part, it works to give you permanent results.

How effective is laser hair removal is the question that’s most on people’s mind?

Its effectiveness depends a lot on what you’ve done before the laser hair removal session. You need to not have plucked, waxed or removed your hair for at least 6 weeks before the treatment. Over 90% of people who have undergone laser hair removal have seen permanent solutions within eight sessions, sometimes even fewer.

There are a lot of laser hair removal devices in the market which give you the feeling that you can administer the laser hair removal all by yourself. Please don’t try this approach. You need to go to a reputed, certified name like London Premier Laser to ensure results without hurting yourself. Self-administration can also mean that you apply unnecessary energy to a hair point, resulting in scarring or worse. For laser hair removal to be effective, do take the time and effort to go to someone who knows what they are doing and have the right people for it too.

Let’s also be clear on the role that skin tone plays in the process. The darker the hair, the more energy pulses needed and more number of sessions. This process is also more painful than the general feeling that people describe as a flick of a rubber band against the skin. Laser is also hot, obviously and that can be deeply uncomfortable. Darker skin tone may also make laser hair removal less effective. This is something no one can help, the color of your skin, but it is something to consider before you decide to go in for the treatment. The rule is, the darker and coarser the hair, the more effective the treatment.

Sometimes, after a treatment session, the skin could look sore or reddish. Some cooling gel helps sort this out. In fact, reddishness means that the treatment is most probably working. But if it’s combined with pain and discomfort, you must check with your doctor.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is also based on who is doing the treatment for you. A wrong setting or a wrong laser can have negative effects. If the technician does not use a laser at an appropriate wavelength, then there can even be increased hair growth on the face. So it’s extremely important to go to someone who knows what they are doing.

Laser treatment is by far the most effective and long lasting hair removal technique. It is not fool-proof, and effects vary from person to person. Please make sure that you go to a registered technician, group, doctor or aesthetician and follow the post and pre-care protocols for smooth skin.

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How To Wow Your Guests With A Sugar-Free Sweet Display

Category : Food

Creating a fun, dazzling and exciting sweet (but no sugar!) display may seem nearly impossible at the moment. But, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have discovered the secrets of creating an amazing sweet display. A display so gorgeous that no one can deny its beauty. And the best part: the candy will taste wonderful too!

No matter what type of occasion you happen to be hosting, creating a wonderful sweet display is usually one of the best features of the event. People seem to love these displays more than anything else, and we’ve determined for reasons why that we will share right now.

Sweet displays are popular because:

  •        they are attractive and eye-catching
  •        they are inexpensive to create
  •        they can be created with any color scheme or theme in mind
  •        they are the perfect DIY projects since anyone can do this themselves

Are you starting to see the value in creating a stunning sweet display?

How Many People Are Attending Your Event?

When creating a stunning sweet display, you first need to determine how many people will be attending the event in order to figure out which size is best for your guests.

Think about it.

How will you know the amounts of candy to buy if you don’t know how many people are coming to the event?

As an industry standard, it’s recommended that you have 8 ounces of candy available per guest.

So, using simple mathematics, if you plan to have 100 guests at your event, you’ll need to have 50 pounds of candy available to accommodate each guest according to industry standards.

Since there are 16 ounces in a pound, you’ll need to buy 1 pound of candy for every two guests. And since you’ve invited 100 guests, 50 pounds of candy is the correct amount to have available to make sure that all of your guests can get their fill of your sweet, wonderful candy.

Remember, since you are creating a sweet display, you’re not going to buy 50 pounds of the same candy. You’ll need to mix and match according to your theme, which we will discuss below.

What Is the Theme of Your Event?

Next, the best way to figure out the right types of candy is to determine the theme of your event before purchasing supplies of any kind, candy included.

For the most part, a party color palette will usually make up 2 to 5 colors, with 2 being on the low side and 5 being on the high side. You’re probably better off sticking somewhere in the middle to stay on the conservative side.

Normally, most people will stick to a 2 to 3 color palette. This is fine. Quite honestly, it’s recommended.

As an example, let’s say you’re having a Frozen themed birthday party for your daughter. Frozen’s color scheme consists of blue and white. So, you’ll have to buy blue and white candy to create the perfect sweet display.

Selecting candy & Adding the Final Touches

Selecting candy is the fun part of the process. Choose sugar-free candy that fits well with your theme. Some excellent options include:

  •        rock candy
  •        lollipops
  •        gumballs
  •        chocolates

After you’ve chosen the candy, putting the buffet together is a snap. Put your candy in clear plastic or glass containers and make sure everything is color-coordinated and varies by size. This is the simplest way to create an amazing sweet display that your guests will love!

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Top Benefits of Glass Doors in 2017

Category : Home Improvement

Glass doors increase the allure of your residence and office. Designing your home or office interior with these doors is a great idea. You can easily make partitions in the offices or rooms these doors are the ultimate option. Glass is highly wonderful material because it lets the light pass through. It is beneficial because it is the natural way to enjoy the scenic beauty and sunlight entering the room. It reduces the necessity of artificial light in the room due to this reason. It reduces your cost of lighting due to transparency. It will be a great idea.

  1. Easy Decoration

Glass doors decoration can be economical if you use innovative ideas. All items of decoration you purchase need not be expensive. It can be affordable, but at the same time give the apartment a rich room. Glass is one such accessory. It adds beauty to the apartment and also fulfills the idea of necessity. Along with making the room look beautiful, it also greats an image of more open space. Make sure the place where you fix the doors of glass reflect something worthy. If you place the door of glass opposite to the window, it will give an illusion of the outside and great a pathway to a new outdoor.

  1. Creates partition in toilet and bath tub

The first place where you can use these doors is the bathroom. Common to all houses the glass door is not only decorative but also helps you in many ways from having to applying makeup. Having a magnifying mirror on the side will help you too. Having a door of glass installed just opposite to the primary mirror can give you a good view of the back, and you need not juggle with the hand held mirrors. For smaller bathroom a solid door for bath area is recommended.

  1. In the bedroom between dressing room

Another common yet important place for these doors of glass is the bedroom. If you have a large wall, then a huge glass for the bedroom is a must. But if you have a smaller wall, then the door of glass inside the bedroom to create a sliding door in dressing area can be of great help. You can use this door only when you need it. Make sure you can enough place to walk back to get a full view of yourself.

  1. Office room

It is a great option for offices. If you have managed to make an office space in your apartment, which is small, you can consider putting a glass sliding door. It will give an illusion of larger working space.  This door in front of the desk will allow seeing what’s happening behind you and who comes from the door without you having to turn back all time.

Over the fire place or in the front door or if you have a large apartment with a ball room you can place this door there too. It will add to the beauty of the space where it is installed in your home.





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Brand new swim watch for all your swimming needs

Category : Fitness

Swimmo is a newcomer on the swim watches market and it came with a bang getting over 180 000 dollars from Kickstarter backers thanks to media buzz and swimmers anticipation eager to try something new.

Now it is a mature product with years of experience in building and improving the watch.

Swimmo Application

Swimmo is almost inseparable from its swimming mobile app (Android, iOS) and hands over some tasks that are uncomfortable to perform on the watch display to the app where it can be done faster – for example, custom goals creation or even watch settings.

Swimming workout metrics

Swimmo gives you all the typical swimming workout metrics you want like pace, duration, laps, distance, calories but adds one more – pulse from your wrist so it doesn’t require an uncomfortable chest strap.

But with the help of your app in minutes, you can create all types of workouts setting a goal just for you and syncing it with your swim watch.

This enables of course tracking of the percent of the goal completed that is visualized on the screen but also something called Smart Goals.

Smart Training Goals

Smart Goals are the custom goals that you will be notified about via vibrations on the swim watch and can give you feedback on your performance during the swim so you can correct it immediately. For example, if you want to stay in the pace you chose for the swimming workout vibrations will communicate if you have to slow down or speed up to achieve the goal.

Swimmo Look and Design

The design of this swimming training watch is modern and comparing to competition very nice looking – there’s no need to take it off after the workout. But good design is more than looks so let’s mention Swimmo training watch unique controls- Rotate&Tap navigation – this replaces buttons on the watch (there’s none!) with wrist flicks and taps and it is so simple and intuitive that after 5 minutes I wanted all my watches and trackers to have it!

The Swimmo swim watch has a full-color OLED screen which is best for the indoor pools where it looks great and is very easy to read. The battery is rechargeable and can last around 7 days of typical swimming training.

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What Causes Hair Loss ? The treatments available

Category : Health

We do say that “looks are temporary and doesn’t matter much in life”. But looks are like the instillers of confidence and self-esteem, so if you feel looks are not a basic requirement for life, then let me say that it is a compulsion in this world. The increase in hair-loss, baldness will make you lose over the confidence of yours. Coming to the feminine section, we can see the increasing rate of baldness and hair loss, which is very frequent these days.

If you are a woman and is suffering from these hair issues, then let us share with you something very important. Centers of hair transplant in Ludhiana, Mumbai, and other metropolitan can be the remedy of this particular problem of yours.

So the basic reasons which leads to this sort of hair issues are-

  1. Diet deficiency- The feminine group is often devoid of the required nutrients and the minerals like Iron, folic acid and other important elements required for proper health functions. This is one of the major reasons for which hair-fall and other hair issues are quite frequent in females.
  2. Medications- Strong medications as well the birth control medicines can lead to side effects of hair loss and other hair issues. Coming to processes like chemotherapy, this also causes hair fall and other hair disorders. The leading medication which is causing the hair disorders is the anti-depressants.
    1. Hormonal changes- The alternation of hormones are more in females than in the males. This takes place during maternity, childbirth, puberty and the other stages of the females and these changes can lead to the hair issues which lead to baldness at the end. Seeing the crown of a woman’s hair, one can predict the amount of hair lows, so this is one of the important factors which lead to hair issues in the feminine group.
    2. Alopecia- Now this can be regarded as the most important and leading cause of hair fall, if you look at the statistics of hair fall in the present day. This is genetically transmitted and if either of the parent or both carry this genetically syndrome then the child is prone to have this particular disease.
    3. Long-time ailment- This is the last reason for which one can suffer from the hair issues like hairball, baldness and other such concerns. Diabetic patients and patients with thyroid issues often go through chronic hair fall issues. This can be a major concern for the people suffering from the same.

How to protect yourself against hair fall?

  • A proper diet needs to be maintained. A diet which should comprise of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are required by an individual for good metabolism rate. This is one of the important things which the female strand needs to remember as they are sometimes careless about their diet and mostly miss out on the proteins.
  • Proper maintenance of hair- This is the second most important point to remember, proper cleansing, maintenance and hair treatment s should be undertaken so that the hair is not affected due to pollution, stress and the other factors which drastically initiate hairless as a whole.
  • Medications- The people should keep a note about the side-effects of a particular medication. The effects or side-effects of particular medications should always be noted down positively by the people as it is something very vital for the overall health of the being.
  • Alopecia treatment- The parents are aware from the beginning about the genital traits that they carry so they can avail medical help from the very start to get through the problems with the hair concerns. There are many centers of Natural Hair Transplant and other health portals which can guide you through the complete treatment.


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Is vaping a good alternative to smoking?

Category : Lifestyle

Well it amuses me when I come across people asking this question. To me it is the same as asking whether poison will kill you more quickly than a bullet. No matter which road you take in the end your health will be affected no matter what you do. So for those who resort to vapes or e-cigarettes need to realize that it is just an illusion they create to help them sleep at night whereas the truth is moth of them are bad for your health not equally but definitely.  But it is also important to note that those who are addicted would prefer the least damaging alternative for which vaping might be helpful. Although the ultimate goal is to get rid of the addiction entirely, leaving the real cigarette might be a start.

For those of you who are unaware of what a vape is let us get you onboard. It is basically a smoking apparatus which is powered by battery and creates an illusion of smoking closer to the real deal. It is less harmful than actual cigarettes. However, there is still an ongoing debate over the use of vapes. It has some proponents who believe it is a useful alternative whereas the opponents argue that it has its own set of harms and disadvantages.

If you want to look at the advantages of using a vape or e-liquid then here you go. The amount of carcinogens produced by vapes is significantly less. The harmful chemicals produced by a traditional cigarette are between four thousand and seven thousand which are higher as compared to vapes. Believe it or not vapes are a step towards quitting smoking. It brings you a notch down from the actual cigarette which means that your addiction is gradually decreasing. It helps you leave smoking for good. Some studies show that e cigarettes can be as helpful as nicotine patches. The overall second hand effects of vaping are lower than cigarettes. The magnitude in totality is lower. They have gained a social acceptance as a less harmful alternative to cigarette moreover they do not have an odor that can cause nausea. They do not harm your teeth and fingernails but fulfill your habit of daily nicotine intake. Since they are not a onetime use apparatus so they cost comparatively less than a cigarette which has to be bought on regular basis.

Moving on from the advantages we must look at the darker side of the picture as well. Whether you use it through a traditional cigarette or an e-cigarette it is still nicotine which is going inside your body. It might not be present in all vapes but is still there in most of them. Unfortunately these are the more popular ones. It effects the brain’s neurotransmitters which cause addiction. We all know hoe damaging addiction can be. It may be in a lesser amount but vapes do still emit carcinogens. They use nicotine in liquid form which is highly dangerous even if it is used in smaller amounts. They idea which the vapes have created of being a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes has attracted more youth towards it which is alarming because these are the people who could’ve stayed away from smoking entirely if they weren’t introduced something which claimed to cause minimum damage. They believe less harmful means less risk and it somehow makes them look up to beat and helps them fit in.