Brief Introduction of UTI and its treatments

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Brief Introduction of UTI and its treatments

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UTI is urinary tract infection that occurs due to an issue in the urinary tract. The chances of getting this infection are more in women. This can occur in any person and should be handled carefully. This normally happens in the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Most people are asked to wipe from front to back after going to the bathroom. This is advised because the tube used for transporting urine out of the body named urethra is placed really close to the anus. The bacteria have more chances of getting outside the large intestine and enter in the urethra. They can easily travel to the bladder in this way causing UTI. The kidneys are badly infected because of this. Some of the key details about UTIs are discussed in this article.

Symptoms of UTI

Some of the things need to be observed in order to identify that whether the person is suffering from UTI or not. Whenever the person goes for urination, if he feels burning, this has a better chance that the person is suffering from UTI. Also, if the person feels severe pressure and pain in the lower portion of the abdomen, it is also alarming. Most of the people have more and sever urge for urination even though they have very little amount each time. People who are suffering from UTI also feel shaky and tired. They often suffer from chills and fever.

Treatments for UTI

The treatments that are generally referred after identifying that the person is suffering from UTI are recommended from the doctor. The doctor analyzes the situation critically and then decides how to cure it. The urine sample is collected from the patient in whom the presence of bacteria causing UTI is tested. If the test results come out to be positive the treatment is started. In the process of treatment, the antibiotics are used that can kill the bacteria causing UTI. The complete cycle of medicine should be completed. Also, it is best to drink a large amount of water that will remove all the bacteria from the system. Heating pads are also used in order to slow down the pain in this process.

Multiple treatment options

One thing is for sure that antibiotics are used for the treatment of UTI. However, this treatment can be done in many ways. Either the person can take a slow dose of antibiotics for a long period of time so that the infection may not arise again. The infection is triggered mostly after having sex so a single dose may also be taken after that. Some people take the medicine for only 1 to 2 days whenever they experience any symptoms. There is also a urine kit available for home use through which the person can check whether he has any symptoms of UTI or not.

These were some of the important details about UTI that must be known by everyone so that they can encounter the situation if they have any such problem in life.

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