Child Safety Game Plan for Single Mothers

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Child Safety Game Plan for Single Mothers

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After giving birth, many women always give a sigh of relief for getting through the pregnancy since it is a very tiresome and burdensome nine-month long journey. Little do they know that by giving birth, they are starting a new and more challenging chapter of their lives, it is called motherhood.

For the single mothers, child rearing can sometimes be a very difficult task since you will have sole responsibility for the baby. Sometimes you can be emotionally and physically overwhelmed especially if you have to juggle between being there for your baby and chasing the dollar.

Common challenges you are likely to face when you are a single mother with a baby

Struggling to meet your career responsibilities, dealing with your emotional requirements and being there for your baby are just some of the issues that will make challenges appear in series that you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. Here are the challenges that you may face.

  • Scheduling: Flustered with loads and loads of responsibilities, juggling through all of them will leave you with a hectic schedule that will in itself be a challenge to keep afloat.
  • Balancing: As a single mother with a baby to take care of, your life will definitely revolve around your work and your home. Balancing between these two worlds will not be such an easy task.
  • Financial challenges: Since being a single mother puts all responsibilities of taking care of your baby on you; you cannot, therefore, be a stay at home mum since you will need money to meet all the expenses. If you are not very well off, it will be very difficult to meet all your expenses and give your baby all that she will need.
  • Finding a child care support: Finding a reliable person to look after your baby while you are away at work requires you to make an adequate arrangement, and this is usually a challenge.

Here are a few tips for single mothers to help them deal with such challenges

  • Create a routine: Having a regular schedule will ensure that you manage to balance between work and being there for your baby.
  • Find a good child care: Getting your baby a regular and qualified caregiver will ensure that your baby grows in a safe environment while you are away at work. You should not rely on an older child as a babysitter or ask a friend or neighbour to look after your baby.
  • Take care of yourself: Balancing between work and home can sometimes make you forget to take care of yourself. You should, therefore, create time for you and your friends or engage in some physical activities. Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet.

Due to your busy schedule as a single mother, it will be difficult to guarantee your child’s safety at home. This is one of the worries that single mothers have to grapple with while they are away from their baby. Home is the place where the heart is, but it is the same place where most of the hazards may lurk for your toddler.

Since there is little time to care for the baby, the only way to ensure your toddler’s safety is to make your house baby-proof. Whether your baby is a walker, a crawler or is still comfortable to be wrapped in your arms, you still need to childproof your home before your baby acquires new skills. Here is how you can make sure your house is a safe place for your baby at all times:


  • Use baby gates to build barriers

There are a lot of hazardous areas in your house that the baby should be denied access to at all cost. Places like stairways, fireplaces and the kitchen should be kept out of bounds completely. One of the most efficient tools that can help you achieve that is baby gates.

You can install them at the top and bottom of the stairs, near the fireplace and at the entrance of places that you don’t wish your baby to go to.

  • Learn to use locks in every place

Apart from baby gates, locks should also be your best friends. If your toddler is a crawler, investing on automatic cabinet locks will be a good thing to prevent your baby from accessing the cleaning products, tools and medicine bottles in the cabinets.

When your child learns how to be bi-pedal, the drawers too will need new automatic locks so that you don’t have to remind yourself each and every time to lock them, which is a task you don’t want to add to your busy brain.

  • Take care of the window dangers

If your toddler can now walk, he or she is likely to take advantage of his increased mobility and even reach out to open windows. Who knows when your toddler might decide that it’s time to be Superman? You can, therefore, install metal window guards to reduce the spaces between the window bars to no more than 4 inches apart.

  • Take care of the drowning risks

Places like the bathroom which contains water dangers should be off-limits for your baby. You should not allow your curious baby access to water or leave them in water unsupervised, not even for a second. This is because as little as two inches of water is enough to drown your baby. The lid of your toilet seat should also be locked with safety latches.

Therefore, since child rearing can be difficult for a single mother who has to find a way to balance between two worlds, the office work and the home, it takes a lot of dedication and strength to be a good parent. Nothing gives a mother the peace of mind she deserves than knowing that she is always there for the baby when the baby needs her and that the baby is always safe.









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