The cost of Pet Insurance

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The cost of Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance can cost anything from £2 per month to £200 per month depending upon a lot of factors that might include:

  • What type of pet breed your own- Dogs are more expensive than cats, pedigree pets are more expensive than the mongrels and moggies to insure.
  • What type and kinds of pet insurance U policy you choose? The accident only pet insurance are most costly then the comprehensive lifetime pet insurance.
  • The age of your pet as the pet gets older, it is prone to get ill and need vet and that’s why older pets are much more costly to be insured than puppies or kittens.
  • The history of the medical issues of your pet- Insuring a pet that has undergone a lot of treatments in the past tends to cost more than a healthier one.
  • The are you live affect the prices of vet and that’s why the higher the prices of vet, the higher the cost of insurance

The average cat insurance charges

Usually the accident only pet insurance of a cat is cheaper than the dogs, however, these policies do not cover the ultimate cost of treatment for any illness. A basic cat insurance policy, on the other hand, helps you to pay your vet bills for all types of short term illnesses that cost very less on month to month basis. A comprehensive lifetime pet insurance for a cat is higher than the above two mentioned and is also dependent on the insurance cover you have chosen.

However, you need to understand that these pet insurances are meant for moggy and the charges of insuring pedigree cats are as high as 30%. The price hike in insurance of such cat is because of the financial value of these cat breeds that often runs from hundreds to thousands of pounds. The second is the breeds including Ragdolls, Persian Cats, Siamese, Maine Coons, Siberians, Abyssinians, Bengals and Birmans are prone to develop medical condition that require vet treatments and thus, costlier.

Average cost of Dog Insurance

A typical dog insurance is expensive when compared to cat for simple reason- Public Liability. The cats are regarded to be free spirits and thus, the owners need not to account for their behavior. However, on contrast, the dog owners are responsible legally for their acts like causing car accidents, including biting someone, damaging their property etc. This risk affects the prices of insurance greatly for dogs.

Lifetime pet insurance, the most comprehensive type of pet insurance, costs between £13 and £80+ per month

Has the Pet insurance cost increased?

Pet Insurance U answers this question in yes saying that the vet bills are increasing. Since the vet medicines have become advanced, more and more tests are being carried out on pets and thus more treatments are available which are expensive. This has led to a widespread increase in pet insurance costs and also forced numerous companies to stop providing the insuring altogether.


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