HealthCare in Germany

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HealthCare in Germany

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Patients in Germany suffer from similar shortcomings and deficiencies of the health system such as those in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA. However, the standard of care for chronically sick individuals in Germany is different from the remaining nations in certain important areas:

  1. Easier access to crisis care, specialist medical and primary care.

Unlike the other countries, merely a minority of German patients about problems reported inaccessibility to medical services. In this nation patients easily get the medical treatment outside of ordinary working hours; they possess the shortest waiting times in specialist as well as in both the general practice.

  1. Lesser formalities of discharge from the hospital.

Overall, the approval in the discharge from the hospital is well organized than in the other nations.

  1. Nosocomial infections are infrequent.

German patients report less commonly than other countries about nosocomial infections

  1. Delays in the results of the lab tests are infrequent.

German patient’s report less often about any delay in the laboratory findings.

  1. German doctors tell their patients about rare medical errors and give proper Personnel Consulting Service.

During the course of treatments, German doctors are trained to give proper consultation about rare diseases which can catch their vulnerable patients

  1. Better quality of care for chronic conditions.

The chronically sick in Germany are supplied with regular prophylactic measures than in other countries. Medical assistants and nurses in this country are involved more commonly in the care of patients. The quality of diabetes care seems to be better than in the new than in the old federal states. Overall, the caliber of care for the chronically ill is not dependent on the insurance status in Germany.

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