How to Cut Your Kids’ Hair Like a Pro

How to Cut Your Kids’ Hair Like a Pro

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To save both money and time on your kids’ haircuts, you can certainly do it yourself at home. This is especially true when your kids just need a trim rather than a fully new hairstyle. But in order to keep your kids looking great, and to not make a mess of their hair, you will need to know how to cut your kids’ hair like a pro, so continue reading for a few tips to get started.


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Get the Right Tools

The first thing that you will need to do is invest in high quality tools that are designed for cutting hair smoothly. Scissors, as well as clippers and trimmers like those that you can find here, should be affordable but professional grade. They will ensure that you are able to get the job done right so that your kids will be proud to show off their hair, rather than embarrassed.

Tips for Cutting Short Hair

To cut a boy’s or a girl’s short hair and maintain that length, you will need to begin by sectioning the hair. Divide the hair using a wide-tooth comb, and use hair clips to secure each section into place. Make sure that you make a top section by using your comb to form a rectangle from the temples to the crown, but leave a section above each ear. When you are done, you should have four sections.

Start by trimming the top, letting that section come down and cutting just ¼ inch off a really thin section on the left side. Move your way to the right, and then start at the back and move to the front. Every time you cut, comb the hair straight up using a fine-tooth comb.

Then cut the top left section in the back, using a portion of what you already cut from the top as your guide for how much to cut. Work your way from right to left. Then repeat the process for the bottom left, followed by the top right and the bottom right. Finally, trim above the ears.

Tips for Cutting Medium Length or Long Hair

For medium length or long hair, you should utilize a wide-tooth comb to section the hair as well. Part the hair from the back of an ear, then do the top of the head, and then the other ear. Divide the bottom, from ear to ear again, into 1-inch sections. Clip everything except the bottom.

Start at the right section and cut that first by holding it with a bit of tension and trimming off what you want. You can then use a bit of the trimmed hair from the right side as your guide for the left. Let down another section and cut to the same length. Then you can release the top section, part it into side sections, and trim those as desired.

With these tips, you can cut your kids’ hair, regardless of how long it is, surprisingly easily. Just remember that for major makeovers, you should visit a salon.

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