How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally And Become The Ultimate Lover

Lasting Longer During SexSex – great sex – is a very important part of human beings life. No relationship can last for too long without satisfying sex. One aspect that makes sex great is the ability to last long enough in the bed to ensure that your partner is satisfied completely and totally.

Don’t worry if you are not doing too great in that department just right now.

The majority of men do not last long enough – but that is the difference between an experienced loved and a novice. The fact that you are looking for ways to prolong your love-making prowess shows that you care enough – and that is the best foundation for this mission.

To be a great lover, you need to stop thinking about yourself and focus completely on your partner. The more involved with your partner you will be the more enjoyable sex will be for her, and the more power you will gain to control your own ejaculation time and quality.

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There are many ways to ensure that you can become a better lover. The one thing you need to know right at the beginning is that you need not make too much of it. Yes, it is important that you ensure your partner is sexually satisfied – but very often this is much more than the time you can keep your penis hard.

Contrary to common belief, a woman’s satisfaction is not all about orgasm – though achieving orgasm is an important part. Most women enjoy sex better when they feel loved through the act. Hence, how long you could thrust away and how hard you penis is and for how long is not always THE most important facet of good sex for a woman.

Before we go on, and learn about ways to help you to make love longer and longer, let us look at a few myths about women and what they consider as “great” sex.

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4 Myths About The Sexuality Of Women

Myth 1: Women Cannot Enjoy Sex Unless The Penis Is Large

While it is true that women enjoy to see a well endowed man, their sexual satisfaction has little to do with how large the penis is. In most cases, in fact well endowed men are lousy lovers. Perhaps, because they believe that being well endowed is all they need to be able to make women swoon for them. They would think that a large and hard penis and strong thrusts are enough to make a woman reach orgasm again and again.

The truth is that women enjoy more foreplay than actual penetration. Few women reach orgasm through penetration. The best sex for them is a mix between foreplay and intercourse rather than just intercourse.

Myth 2: Women Love Strong And Hard Sex

Sex is important to women just as it is to men. However, they are aroused differently and enjoy it differently. It is very important for the man to know about this difference or he would never be able to really satisfy his partner. A woman needs sex and wants it perhaps as often as men do; however, for her to really enjoy sex she needs to feel loved. Hence, for women sex starts between the ears long before it does between the legs.

To ensure she really gets there, you need to make her feel appreciated, loved, wanted. Hence, to be a good lover for her, you need to touch her more often, say ‘I love you’ as you mean it more often, send her flowers more often, hug her, hold her hand, be naughty with her, and so on. This is what will make her want you, and enjoy sex more than you can imagine. And as you can see, it has nothing to do with hard sex or large penis or even the time it takes to reach orgasm.

Myth 3: Women Enjoy Quickies As Much As Men Do

Sometimes, yes. This would be when she missed you a lot, or there was enough foreplay throughout the day. However, in most cases quickies put women off because they feel used and not-loved enough. For a woman to reach a reasonable level of arousal it takes about 10-15 minutes. Without it, neither her body not her mind is ready for sex. For men, however, just watching her undress could be enough to be fully aroused for men get excited by visual stimuli the most.

So, if you want to be known as a great lover – keep in mind women love and need foreplay to enjoy sex. And foreplay does not translate is fondling her breast for 10 seconds, before you are ready to penetrate.

Foreplay means kissing her on the lips, neck, breasts, body; caressing her moving your hands all over her body, massaging her down there, tickling her nipples and so on. Pay close attention to what she wants and use that knowledge to turn her on soon.

Myth 4: Women Cannot Enjoy Sex Unless They Orgasm Violently

A great majority of women never reach orgasm during regular penetrative sex. This is why foreplay is so important. More than the orgasm, women need to feel loved. Sex for women is the knowledge that their partner loves them – the real meaning of “love making”.  Nonetheless, orgasm is important but it definitely not have to be happening every time you penetrate her.

Get her to orgasm by manipulating her G-spot, with oral sex, with your fingers. The best tactic is to get her all fired up but not allow her to go over the finish line. Then penetrate her and continue with various moves until she achieves climax. Try to synch yourself with her rising arousal and climax together – it is a mind blowing feeling.

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Visualization Techniques For Better Sex

We started with the mission to learn how to last longer in bed. You would have already learned quite a bit about becoming a better lover. Hopefully, you would have also understood by now that the size of your penis or how good a lover you are does NOT depend upon the size of your penis or your ability to maintain an erection for hours on end.

Nonetheless, it is important that you get an erection when needed and sustain it until your partner is completely satisfied. Do not worry if everything is over for you within minutes. This is a scenario for most uninitiated men. You will learn that to please a woman it is more important to have a great technique than a great looking, hard penis. An experienced lover knows how to use every part of his body to make the woman literally beg for more.

Visualization is an excellent technique for those who have problems to get it up on time. Visualization can be loosely translated in running a porn film in your mind – where the hero is YOU. This takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can be ready in seconds.

Use the following tips to visualize sexual fantasies that will get you a hard on within minutes if not seconds:

- Keep the lights low but not so low that you cannot see your partner. Now, half-watching your partner, half with your eyes closed make up a sex story that arouses you. It could be that your partner is your favorite porn star or actress or someone you have/ had a crush on. Do not worry, your partner would not guess your thoughts.

- When you visualize, do it in the first person. In other words, in your mind YOU are doing everything; you are living the fantasy in your mind. You can do in the third person too, but that is not usually as effective.

- Do not worry is the visualizing does not work in the first few times. It takes a little practice to get there into the make-believe world in your mind and identify completely with your fantasy counterpart. To fast-forward the ability to visualize, practice while masturbating for a while.  With time, you will be able to switch on like the flip of a switch and get hard almost instantly.

The Best Positions To Last Longer In Bed

The visualization would get you hard and ready. However, that is only half of the story. The other half is how to keep hard long enough to ensure that your partner is satisfied. Very often the way you position yourself during sex can accelerate or de-accelerate your ejaculation. Here are a few great positions that are solidly enjoyable for her – while slowing your racing to the finish line.

1. Woman On Top Position – get her in the ‘driver’s seat’. Lie on your back and get her ride on you, facing you. This will be quite exciting for her breasts will be bouncing up and down with every thrust, while at the same time, you will receive least penile stimulation. She might orgasm violently – which is good, for it will slow it down for you and allow you time for foreplay to get her to her next orgasm.

2. Get Her To Lap Dance –  sit on a chair and get comfortable. Ask her to come on you, in the lap dance style. She could be facing you or away from you – both positions are excellent. Let her ride your lap slowly until she is all fired up and you are ready to explode.

3. Get Into The Missionary Position But With Her On Top – the regular missionary position is not good enough because everything that makes you work more, will excite you more. Instead, get her on the top in the missionary position. Get your penis inside her, as ask to move laterally and up and down as you would have done. This is exciting to see, and the eye contact adds to the pleasure without pushing you over the brink.

4. Get Her Ride You, But Facing Away From You – This is a slight variant of the No.1 move. Having her turn away from you will control excitement enough so you could perform better than ever. Let her move slowly and bring herself to climax first doing it in this position. Once she crossed her line, come out and go back to the foreplay, which will take your mind off your “finish line” and help you last longer.

Exercises To Last Longer – Extend It From 3-5 Minutes to 30 Minutes

There are few exercise that will help you strengthen your control over your ejaculation time and quality.  There are many exercises, potions, and medicines that will help you. Two exercises are known to give very good results:

  • Kegel Exercises – The best known among all these exercise are the Kegel exercise. This is all about training the PC (pubo coccygeus) muscles – which control the ejaculation.  The easiest way to get trained fast is identifying the PC muscles first and then practicing the exercises that will strengthen these muscles and prevent early ejaculation.

Start with the urine stop-and-start method. When you go to bathroom to pee, allow 10-15 seconds to pass while peeing and then just stop. Count to 5-10 seconds and let it go.

Awesome tips on lasting longer during sex:

Do it a couple of times until you identify which are the PC muscles; these will be those that stop you from urinating. Once you know which muscles need to be used, keep clenching and unclenching them whenever you can throughout the day. Using these muscles to control early ejaculation will actually extend your full-erection time from a few minutes to 30-40 minutes – which is just amazingly great.

  • Master’s Johnson Technique – This will require the cooperation of your partner – which means you should be very comfortable with her. She would have to grab the head of the penis and squeeze it gently whenever you feel you are about to burst. This helps delaying the ejaculation very effectively.
  • Start And Stop Exercise – this exercise involves you to completely remove yourself from the act for a brief 10-15 seconds. You could do this by imagining something that has nothing to do with sex, yet disturbing enough to take your mind away from it. Say, you could imagine you are talking to your boss regarding an urgent deadline; or how do you feel when you are stuck in the traffic and so on.

It helps a lot when you switch your mind from sex. After you feel that urge has stopped, resume with the sexual act as before. You could start-and-stop for as long as you want.

Stay Away From Pills – Use ONLY Natural Remedies

Yes, we have Viagra and all other pills that are FDA approved and super effective. It is a very tempting thing to just pop one in the mouth before the sexual encounter and then last like forever. Stay away from pills; there is always something that can go amiss when you are using pills. There are plenty of home remedies which will help you greatly. Check these simple yet highly effective home remedies.

Carrots, egg and honey Love Potion:

  • Carrots – ½ a bowl of (chopped)
  • Egg –  1 half-boiled
  • Honey – 2 tablespoons

Mix the ingredients very well briskly.  Have this mix once a day for a month.

Drumstick Flowers Remedy 

  • Drumstick flowers – 1 handful
  • Glass of milk – 1 glass

You will need to boil the drumstick flowers in the milk for about 10 minutes.  Remove from heat to cool. Drink it lukewarm for about 1-2 months. This not only improves the stamina during sex, it also prevent early ejaculation.

Ginger and honey Remedy

  • Ginger – 1 ½ inch, crushed and ground to paste (2 teaspoons are required)
  • Honey  - 2 teaspoons

Mix well in a bowl and have this mixture 3-4 times every day for a month.

Almond Milk

  • Milk – 1 cup, boiled and cooled to lukewarm
  • Almonds – 10, soaked in water overnight and then ground to paste
  • Ginger – ½ teaspoon crushed
  • Saffron – 1 pinch
  • Cardamom – 2-3 crushed

Mix together thoroughly and drink it every morning as soon as you wake up and at night before you sleep,  for 2-3 months.

Additional Sex Tips

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There are a few more factors that will help you control the problem of fast ejaculation. Here are a few tips that would help you:

  • Masturbate Before The Date – masturbation actually teaches you a lot about your own sexuality. You will be able to learn how to control your ejaculation time better with masturbation than anything else. Besides, the fact that you have “unloaded” will have you take a little longer to ejaculate the second time.
  • Use Condoms – not many partners like to have sex with condoms. However, this is a great way to add a barrier between your penis and her vagina. In other words, your feelings would be decreased. The use of the condoms would prevent early ejaculations.
  • Use Numbing Agents – another great way to delay ejaculation in bed, is adding some numbing agents to the inside of your condom. Be very careful you do not add any on the outside. You do not to numb her – and have her incapable to feel anything to excite her. The numbing agents will greatly delay your total arousal and you could last much, much longer.
  • Enjoy 1-2 Glasses Of Wine – too much alcohol and you will not be able to get an erection at all. However, if you warm up with 1-2 glasses of wine/ champagne or something as light and romantic, it will actually fire up your imagination and enhance your pleasure. It will also make you want to please her, better and for longer period.

There are many ways to address any type of ED. Sometimes, even if you do not qualify as suffering from ED, you might like to increase the time you can stay ready-for-action. In the end, make sure to read our review of The Tao of Badass dating system, that will make you attract hotter women. You can adopt one or more of the solutions described above. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that to be a GREAT LOVER, you need to master the technique of love making so you could satisfy your partner. Very often a good technique is the only thing you need to ensure that – to her – you are THE BEST!!

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