How To Make A Girl Smile, Laugh And Happy Easily With These Simple Tips

While our modern world has been responsible for some incredible innovations and breakthroughs, the fact of the matter is that we as a people – and I mean men in general – have been shamed and emasculated by much of the change.

We have become shells of our former generations of men before us, to the point where any little thing can set of us off on some introspective journey that ends with our manliness in an even worse state than ever before.

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything” – Marilyn Monroe

And when I say manliness, I do not mean the overly macho, head butting, beer can crushing, bro-ing out that too many of us have been guilty of in the past.

This is an overcompensation for having our manhood crushed into near obscurity, and is the not what manliness is all about.

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Manliness is about being a the best possible man you can be, sharing freely, not being afraid of your own self-worth, and expressing yourself the way you want to regardless of the outcome – and one of the best possible ways to do that is to learn how to make any woman smile.

There is just something to smiling that changes our entire outlook on things, and when we meet people that are able to make us smile we find ourselves wanting to be around them more and more. There is a connection created that is difficult to break, and nothing on the planet could be more attractive to a person than the ability to make people smile.

This is as close to a super power as you’re going to find in the real world – and luckily it’s a skill that you can actually learn, develop, and perfect on a day to day basis.

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“There are a lot of tricks and tips out there in the world for getting a woman you are interested in to smile – but I can tell you with near certainty that all of them, every single one, will fall flat on its face and fail if you are not congruent with what you’re doing.”

If you’re looking for all kinds of tricks and gimmicks or one liners that work in every single situation to make women go crazy for you, then I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong guy. There are all kinds of less than ethical marketers looking to peddle that kind of junk somewhere else – what I have are some fundamentals and foundational elements that you can learn and practice to dramatically boost your chances of making a woman smile.

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This is not magic bullet stuff, but rather the same power and charm that the world’s greatest seducers and men have been using since the dawn of time to generate that little spark of life that makes a woman come alive and smile from her toes to the top of her head.

So for now, if you’re serious about connecting with people and making women smile, try your hardest to flush all of that false programming out of your head as humanly possible. The less you look for shortcuts to success with women the faster you will find them, mostly because they don’t exists in a book or program – they are the kind of thing that you can only really learn from experience.

How To Make Her Laugh Video

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But I will tell you this, once you’ve mastered this skill you will find that the world is a whole new place – both for you and the women you meet in it. There are few things that feel as good as talking and interacting with someone that can make us smile, and I mean really smile, and we want to be around those people as much as possible. This is the route to real happiness and success with people and women in specific, and once mastered will change your life dramatically.

“If you want to make a girl smile, and I mean really smile from the inside out, then you need to start off by actually and genuinely listening to what she is saying.”

This is rule number one, and something that you are almost 100% guilty of breaking on a regular basis. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone – we have all been conditioned to be as quick on the trigger in an interaction as humanly possible, and all of us are so focused on getting what we have to share out of our heads and into someone else’s ears that we lose what a conversation is all about.

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If you want to make her smile – and this goes for women across the board – you need to shut your mouth and actually listen to what she is saying. Now this sounds simple and a little bit foolish, but I’m telling you right now that if you can pipe down for a minute or two and just hear what she has to say, you’re going to find a woman that is much more receptive to what you bring to the table. People are so used to being ignored that someone that is interested in what they are talking about and engaging will win them over every single time.

System to Make a Girl Smile

The power of listening cannot be overstated when you are dealing with women, and there is literally mountains and mountains of evidence to back this up. You would be hard pressed to find any woman that didn’t want to communicate more and more with people they feel a connection with – this is just something that women of all ages enjoy and a powerful thing to recognize to help you in making them smile more often and more deeply.

“The more eye contact and dynamic tension you can create the better, and if you’re smiling she’s going to feel compelled to do so herself.”

You should also know that the more tension you can create the better it the interaction will go, which sounds a little counterintuitive but it really does work. Have awkward pauses in the conversation where you just look her in the eyes – not in a creepy way, but in a “comfortable with the silence” kind of way – and you’ll crank tension through the roof. All the guys she’s used to dealing with are too afraid of the tension that they have to cut through it in any way that they can, which usually forces their hand into being the bros or tools that we know them to be.

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Smiling yourself is also a fantastic trigger to get her to smile – but you cannot fake it. Let yourself actually enjoy the conversation and the interaction rather than panicking about what to say next or what she is thinking and you’ll find yourself cracking from ear to ear in a genuine way. Don’t be surprised if she lets her guard down as well and begins to open up by reciprocating your smile with just as much enthusiasm.

This is not to say that you should be a smiling fool all of the time – nothing could be worse, and you will come off as a little bit crazy or possibly creepy. Make sure you are genuinely smiling when you should be and that you are getting a positive response, the last thing you want to have happen is to look like a bad cartoon or something out there.

The Most Important Thing To Do

The most important thing to do when looking to make a girl smile is to come from a place of giving and not getting – too many people go into an interaction with a preset outcome that they are desperate for and women can smell the neediness from a mile away.

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The other big push that you need to take away from this article is simply that you cannot attract someone by coming into an interaction with an agenda. Girls know from a very young age whether or not someone is being real or fake with them, and if all you have on the brain is how much you want to take their clothes off it’s going to come across. This is why we can say all of the right things all of the time and still get rejected on a consistent basis – it’s not because the words themselves aren’t the right things to say, it’s that we’re coming from a place that is too needy and they can sense it.

If there is one thing that you take away from this entire article it should be this – the last thing in the world you should be when talking to a woman, especially if you want to make her smile, is needy. They can smell this stuff from a mile away and there is literally no more repulsive of an emotional trigger than talking with someone that is needy. Women have triggers that get set off when they meet men that are interested in them but not to the point where they would rearrange their life to accommodate what they desire.

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A lot of guys get hung up in the “Mr. Nice Guy” routine that lands them in the friend zone on a regular basis, never able to break free and always wondering why it had to happen to them. They think they are doing everything right by bending to their wishes and giving them everything they want, only to learn later that a woman wants a man that will provide for them but not be a doormat.

You need to really value yourself before you can make a women smile from her toes to the top of her head, and a major part of that is not going into an interaction with them needing to have a predetermined outcome happen to feel content and fulfilled. The faster you can release this the more easily you’ll have women genuinely smile for you.

The biggest bombshell trick or tactic that I can give you to make a women smile like she never has before is to be a little bit outrageous, incredibly complimentary, and have zero shame or concern over how she takes what you say to her.

If there is a trick or tactic that can be shared – and is universal in nature- it’s that the more outrageous, simple, straightforward, and bold you can be the better your results. Women – and people in general – are attracted to things that are anything but the ordinary. The last thing she wants to have happen is some chucklehead to come up and tell her how great her eyes look, and can they buy her a drink. Congrats man – you’re only guy 1,406 to say that to her this week.

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She’s not looking for the same old same old lame attempt at a pickup and will never give you that genuine smile that lights up a room unless you are able to be a little bit different. Now, don’t take this to mean that you should swing in on a chandelier or something crazy or tell her how incredible her rack looks (though if delivered humorously and congruently these could both work), but the better you can get at pushing the envelope the more success with making a woman smile you will enjoy.

Being bold does not always mean being outlandish – you could simply be telling her how much her eyes pull you in while making deep and constant eye contact to be effective. You need to specifically tailor this approach to your personality and make it your own by being congruent, but whatever you feel comfortable doing you need to ratchet it up a couple of notches.

Having the ability to make any woman smile is a skill that can be learned by just about anyone, and doesn’t just have to be used to attract them. This is easily one of the most powerful ways to boost anyone’s day, and when you are able to tap the incredible swelling of emotions that people are looking to share you can have some incredible influence. Follow the tips above and you should be able to watch your success with making women smile skyrocket.

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