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Key small bathrooms redesigning tips for you

For the people having small bathrooms, this is the perfect guide containing some important redesigning tips. To make everything fit in the available place of a small bathroom is really a task quite confusing. There are a variety of challenges linked which includes configuring the sink to code and the toilet and allowing space which is enough for a shower and an area to put your towels and many more. Despite all these challenges, you can still do great if the things are planned well to redesign your small bathroom.

–    Corner Sink

If you have a small bathroom to redesign, placing a pedestal sink could disrupt the traffic lane so it’s better to install a corner sink across the toilet so that there is more place in the bathroom. The corner sink should be installed away from the shower so that there may be no awkward walk-around condition in your bathroom.

–    Float vanity

When you have a small bathroom to redesign and you want to make it look bigger, mounting of a vanity above the floor would be a good option to free up some space.

–    Shower curtain

Despite installing a glass door, you can put a shower curtain in your bathroom which moves back & forth as it lets you free up some space in your bathroom. You need to fit the shower-tub in a corner so that it may occupy less space.

–    Extending counter

You can go for the banjo-style arrangement with a wood slab or with stone. When you select an extended counter for your bathroom, more space is added to your bathroom to keep the needed items.

–    Rounded vanity

Select a rounded vanity because it works well in a small space.

–    Large-scale pattern

If you use a large scale pattern like there are wide stripes, they can trick the eye to see an expanded place. The size of the bathroom would certainly remain the same, but it will feel bigger.

–    Don’t add the shower door

For the bathrooms with the width of 5 feet, which is almost enough space for you to squeeze a toilet and a bathtub, you can just add in a shower door because it would occupy more space so it’s better to add a shower curtain which takes less space than a door.

–    Mounting towel bar on the door

When you have less space in your bathroom, you need to think smartly. Mounting a towel bar on the door of a bathroom lets you free up more space in your bathroom. You can better get the services of bathroom fitters Sheffield.

–    Expanding mirror

In bathrooms where there is less space, installing a small or one person mirror is the bad idea you can either add a full wall mirror so that two people can use it a time and this really helps in fewer space situations.

–    Trough Sink

The narrow and trough sinks work well in small bathrooms as they have a low profile and they also free up space in your bathroom.

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