Loosing Weight Isn’t that Tough! Read How!

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Loosing Weight Isn’t that Tough! Read How!

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Trying to lose weight by following restrictive diets or sweating with complex and demanding fitness routines has a way of killing your will power. More often than not, you end up impotently angry and it seems as though all effort has been for nothing.

Simplicity I learned to believe is far better when it comes to slowly refining the way you look. And while people routinely underestimate simple and small scale tactics, the effects pile up and accumulate making such approach the most viable one.

Consistency is the only requirement – and having in mind how these tactics don’t require much in the way of doing unpleasant chores – it’s rather easy to keep.

So here is the list…

Drinking lots of water

For every pound you weigh, you ought to drink 2/3 of an ounce. So it’s 67 ounces for 100 pounds of weight.

Add on top additional 12 ounces for each 30 minutes spent working out and you are set.


Drinking a detox tea

Detox teas work so that your metabolism rate is being slightly increased, and your body fat oxidation goes up as well, causing your body to use fat as a fuel source more often.

Hot ginger tea with lemon and honey

My fiancée is the type of gal who is always looking for duct tape solutions and after writing this fit tea review she ended up convincing me to try a detox tea as well. Despite of being a fitness rat, I’m now sold on the idea of using shortcuts to further boost my gains.

Enough sleep


Many people underestimate the regenerative power of a good night’s rest. Clocking out for 7-8 hours each night will help your body function properly the following day. And that means hormonal balance, optimal metabolic rates, and muscle building processes…

Doing balance holds before you hit the shower


Holding a low plank, holding a high plank, getting yourself in the squat position or sitting down on the floor with your legs held upwards… All of these poses won’t even take 5 minutes to complete. Hold each one for 45 seconds up to a minute, and you will activate your core, thighs, arms, shoulders and chest.

Then, hit the shower and feel as refreshed as ever.

By the way, this is not even a workout officially.

Walk more


It sounds fairly naïve, but as I’ve already explained above, the effects pile up and accumulate over time. It may not be noticeable right away, but give it a few weeks and you’ll see a small drop in both pounds and inches.

Walk towards work and back, and don’t use the car in order to get to the local supermarket.

If your significant other wants to help, you can even do evening walks together, spending more quality more all the while spending calories as well.

Remember, simple is always better, as long as you can stay consistent. Small steps are all you need. Here is to better habits and improved shape!

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