What Makes Bottled Water Such a Rising and Impactful Issue Today? Find Out Here

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What Makes Bottled Water Such a Rising and Impactful Issue Today? Find Out Here

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We all like to keep water in small bottles so we can conveniently drink when we are in such a condition where access isn’t easy.  You can question this. The amount of work we do, it is pretty much clear now that the world we live in is thirsty. Scarcity of water is becoming one of the major issues in time. The climate diversity is effecting and one out of ten people are being deprived of water.

Bottled Water Facts

The massive consumption of the bottled water has led to the cease in its sale in Canada and USA. The scientific concerns behind this are well-researched and the facts that originate from them are astonishing.

#1. Over 1,000 years are required for a plastic water bottle to incinerate and bio-degrade and during this time period they evolve toxic fumes that are becoming dangerous for the ozone layer. More than 80% of the water bottles produced in the U.S are disposed in garbage.

#2. As PET bottles have the potential to be recycled thus recycling is the only way. However, only one out of five bottles are recycled.

#3. Three liters of estimated water is used to package one liter of bottled water.

#4. 1.5 million Oil barrels are used to complete the bottle manufacturing demand in the U.S. The amount of oil used for bottle manufacturing is far more than the amount used for yearly power (100,000). The green house emission cost and the fossil fuels are not included in this.

Impact on the Environment (The Game Changing PET Bottles)

Plastic water bottles are able to be completely recycled which helps in keeping the environment healthy. However, there are some shortcomings to these plastic bottles as well which are:

  • The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottles are approved by the FDA and are manufactured from crude oil. To produce a single water bottle of one liter, up to three liter of water is used.
  • The transportation of the bottled water across the globe is done through fossil fuels.
  • Even though these PET water bottles are recyclable yet they take around a 1,000 years to break down. Water bottles often end up being littered in the sea and break in small pieces. This is the major thing that causes water pollution and harmful effect on the marine life.

What Can You Do to Avoid Bottled Water Use?

Bottled water is being priced like a luxury item. Consuming water bottles has resulted in a very weak relationship between mankind and tap water. The public water supply is being neglected and people are less relying on it which is also one of the problems nobody talks about. It is creating an economic divide as people with liberal income opt water bottles while the public water supply remains for the lower income class or the poor.

Here is what you can do to reduce the bottled water stress:

  • Avoid consuming it
  • Use public water or if you are concerned about the taste then get a filter installed
  • Put any water bottles you find in the recycle bin
  • Ask your local community council to install public water fountains so people can refill their bottles
  • Purchase a reusable water bottle

Ultimately, clean water is an essential human right and people should drink from the public water supply. You can’t redeem yourself just by recycling water bottles.

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