The Next Consumer Revolution: Information Technology in Health Care

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The Next Consumer Revolution: Information Technology in Health Care

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Integrating information technology into health care incorporates a blend of electronic techniques for managing health and health care data for groups of patients and individuals. Health IT can enhance the quality of care and keep premiums affordable by linking the health care community and the front line experts to provide best practices, advanced tools, and research results.


Features and Benefits


The comprehensive strategy of employing information technology in health care incorporates distinct electronic methods for managing sensitive data. Integration features include dynamic literacy guides, innovative resource devices, and powerful workflow assessment toolkits. Here are a few essential benefits of health IT for providers and patients:


  •        Electronic prescribing. A paper prescription can be misread or lost. ePrescribing allows physicians to communicate with pharmacies directly and eliminates the need for patients to produce a paper prescription.
  •        Telehealth. Telehealth encompasses a more ubiquitous scope of remote health care services than telemedicine. It uses telecommunications technologies and electronic information to support public health administration, long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education. Technologies include the internet, video conferencing, streaming media, store-and-forward imaging, and wireless communications.
  •        Electronic health records. EHRs allow providers to track and access health information for patients online. It also facilitates sharing approved information with specialists, so those who need the data can obtain it.
  •        Clinical decision support. A variety of tools enhance decision-making in the clinical workflow, such as diagnostic support, condition-specific order sets, and documentation templates. These devices equip providers with the knowledge and patient-specific details to support better health care.
  •        Consumer health IT applications. These mechanisms enable individuals to manage their medical records, obtain feedback, and track their progress. For example, smartphone apps can help patients establish and monitor fitness goals. Similarly, cell phone texts are available for reminders to take medications on time.


Earning a degree in the medical field can be beneficial to understanding the importance of IT in health care. There are a variety of ways to learn more about a career in heathcare informatics. To learn how you can obtain a masters in public health online, research institutions offering the program of your choice.


Patient-Centered Care


Health IT is a secure method for sharing information securely over the internet between patients and their caregivers. Likewise, this technology facilitates the coordination of care, particularly for patients with ongoing medical conditions. It also allows medical providers access to accurate and complete information about a patient’s health and provides the best possible care during medical emergencies or routine visits. Consequently, patients play a more central role regarding their health care choices. Additionally, the data accessible by providers can help reduce medical errors, assist providers in diagnosing health issues sooner, and provide affordable and dependable care.


Communication and Teamwork


Health care providers use IT to enhance patient care. However, health IT is also beneficial for patients. For instance, it is useful for promoting communication with medical personnel, sharing health updates, reporting changes in conditions, and taking steps to improve the overall quality of life. Health IT allows patients to become an essential member of the team that manages their health.

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