Pain in Back of Head and its Types

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Pain in Back of Head and its Types

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Headaches are the most common problem of a daily man. Everyone has been a victim of headache. Pain in back of head can be very discomforting. If you’re doing something is a very nice way and a headache starts, then you can never do what you are doing the way that you are supposed to do it. It can disturb your daily routine in a very unpleasant way. It can ruin your mood in a horrible way and you can go suddenly from happy and jolly to irritated and angry in a matter of minutes.

A headache is not of one type. You can get several types of headaches. Having causative reasons one very different from another. So if you are suffering from a headache and can’t get rid of it, knowing what the headache  can help you find ways to get rid of your headache.

Tension Headache is the most common headache. It causes pain in back of head and body. This kind of headache happens when the muscles around your neck, scalp, shoulders and jaw get tight. These symptoms are usually a side effect of tension, stress or anxiety. The reasons of these headaches are lacking sleep, consuming alcohol, missing meals and excess working.

There are other types of headaches, namely cluster headaches, migraines and sinus headaches. You can avoid all these headaches just if you adapt a better lifestyle. You should be in a stress free environment and stay as relax as possible.

Now, we shall look into a couple of the main types of headaches in detail.

Cluster Headaches

These type of headaches are mostly present in men. Women are not much affected by it. These headaches occur in the form of circles in your head. These headaches are diagnosed as having severe pain on one side of the head. In addition to that the patient also might have a watery eye and a runny nose. It is even hard for the sufferer because it is not even easy to lay down in this condition. It has continuous restlessness. The cause of this is not open now. It is said that it may be in a part of a gene. There is no permanent cure yet but certain medication can be taken to reduce the intensity of the attacks.

Tension Headaches

These are the most common types of headaches. They can get very severe. The symptoms are having a severe pain and pressure around the scalp. There is severe pain in back of head and in the temples. They are not as intense as migraines. It does not have any symptoms as vomiting or having nausea. The pain is intolerable. It does not put you on the bed. Some typical treatments are all that are to cure a tension headache. Medications like, ibuprofen, aspirin or Tylenol are enough to take you out of the misery. The headache is due to the tension in the muscles present in the shoulders and the neck.

So, these are certain different types of headaches that a person may suffer from. If you are also having headache but have not idea that which one it is, consult your doctor without wasting time. It may increase with the time and cause some unbearable pain in your head.

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