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Promoting Your Home Therapy Business

Promoting Your Home Therapy Business

Becoming a trained therapist is challenging work, but the rewards are worth it. You get the opportunity to help many people with their problems and hopefully, lead people back to a happy life. One of the best things about this work is that you don’t need an office to practice but trying to attract clients can be difficult unless you know what you’re doing. Here are effective tips on promoting your therapy business from home.

Make Your Home Ready

Before you can start to gather clients, you need to make sure that your home is ready to receive them. It is important to have a room that is just for your work so that no-one comes in and disturbs you while the client is there. A room near the front of the house is ideal as it means your clients don’t have to walk through the house and disturb your family. When you have identified a room, you should make sure it is uncluttered but warm and inviting. You don’t need a lot of furniture in there, but you can use it as your office as well if you are short of space. Make the chairs comfortable so that your client feels relaxed and have water available, so you don’t need to leave the room.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to promote yourself to others, especially if someone unexpectedly asks you for advice. Having some of them on you at all times will make it easier to show people who you come into contact with, though you can also place them in places where they can be seen. You should have all your contact details on their including phone number and website address just in case they want to do a little research before contacting you. Printing business cards are simple, and many companies offer that service. Your design should be simple yet informative as this will present a professional image and a confident manner.


Although you might think that posters are better used by football clubs and summer fairs, they are a great way to get your business noticed. It all depends on where you are placing them; if you put them where you think people need help, then they are more likely to find you. Chat with your local doctor surgery and pharmacist to see if they will be happy to put up one of your posters. These are two of the best locations because people are there to get help. Other options could be your local community center or church. Although there is no reason not to place them in stores, it is less likely that someone will see them in these places.

Local Advertising

As you are running this practice from home, you will more likely get clients locally to you then further away. Local advertising can be a good business practice to begin with as you may have several clients wanting to see you and there may not be enough time to see other from outside your area. There is also the sense of helping the local community and being part of something that can help those closest to you. You can place ads in the local newspapers and on the local news website. As with the business cards, the design should be simple yet engaging to the eye. Text alone might not do it, so you need to think of other ways to draw peoples eye to the advertisement. Most importantly, you need to make your contact details clear so that anyone who is interested can contact you.


Most people who run a business or practice now have a website. A website can help people to find you easily, and it can contain all the information they need. Some companies specialize in psychotherapy website design that can help you create and promote your site. Add any certifications you have as well as experience; some people like to know about doctors and therapists before they contact you. It is also a good idea to add any endorsements you receive from clients, though they should be anonymized if the client wishes it. If you have worked for any big companies, put that on there too, anything that can back-up your reputation is a good idea.

Social Media

Social media is huge, and if you’re not a part of it, then you should be. Create a separate account from your personal one, and only post things on there that are relevant to the job. It is important that you don’t post personal comments or anything unprofessional as your potential clients will see it. It is possible to promote your social media profile by paying an advertising fee, though initially that is probably not needed. If you put your social media name on your ads, then you will likely get instant messages or comments on your profile asking for appointments or advice. It is important that you don’t offer advice or guidance online, especially on the public feed, always request that they call or email you.

Other Forms of Promotion

There are other ways that you can get your name out there, mobile advertising, for example, is now becoming a big industry. However, this type of advertising isn’t going to be the best for your business. If you have something you want to say, you can always start a blog on your website. It will allow you to engage with your clients and also help to attract others to your site. Don’t post about sessions or peoples stories, but you can post self-help ideas or other useful information that your readers can use. It will hopefully encourage those who are unsure of giving you a call and seeking help. As well as these, there are also other ways such as television and newspapers, but these can prove costly.

Your practice should soon start to grow as it attracts more clients, you then have one of the most powerful ways of promotion, word of mouth.

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