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Stand up paddle boarding is fast gaining fans. There’s the lure of spending uninterrupted time in nature without bulky equipment to come between you and the water. There is the ease of use on lakes, rivers, or the sea. It can be superbly relaxing or a high-intensity workout depending on your mood.
Traditional paddle boards have some disadvantages, like the need for a rack on your rooftop and having to haul your board up and down dunes. Inflatable stand up paddle boards have removed all barriers to access and now allow everyone to enjoy this sport.

Low Impact

There is no jarring, and you can’t harm ligaments and joints, as your muscles are gently exerted to strain against your own, lighter body weight. Runners with shin splints or joint pain from high impact training can keep in shape while improving core muscle strength and increasing flexibility. SUP’s let you use all the main muscle groups for a strength training workout combined with aerobic exercise to improve your fitness level dramatically in a very short period

Core Muscles

Your core muscles are used for balance, strengthens your back and neck and determines how you use your leg muscles. Paddleboarding is one of the best core muscle workouts around, as balance on the board is critical. Your leg muscles will maintain your balance while your arms, shoulders, and back will be working to move the paddleboard forward in the water. Your core abdominal and back muscles will constantly work at maintaining your balance. This is highly beneficial for cross-trainers as it will improve balance in many sports like football, tennis, basketball and running.

Weight Watching

What better way to demolish excess calories than paddling around on a lake? Even novices can practice this sport with success as you can rest at any stage, lie down, sit down, sunbathe or practice yoga while you get your breath back! No overloading and damage to joints and you determine the level of intensity of your experience. Paddling on the ocean against a current and waves will give you an intense workout; pottering around the shallows or drifting in placid lake waters will feel more like relaxation that exercising

Get into Surfing

If you would like to tackle surfing but need to get into shape first, this sport is ideal. Get close to the action and join your surfer friends in the waves while you improve your balance and fitness. Some people prefer paddleboards to the frenetic pace and rush of surfing. It’s a way to enjoy the waves, the sun and beach fun for absolutely anyone.

The ultimate relaxing pose

Take yoga that extra step further and do some stretching on your paddleboard. This environment adds a whole new dimension to muscle control. The extra challenge to your balancing skills will test even the most experienced yogi, added to the opportunity to go through your motions in natural surroundings that will bring you in touch with nature and bring inner peace.

Inflatable stand up paddle boards (ISUP’s) make all of this possible by enabling everyone to own and use a paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards are superbly portable, durable and versatile, as they are made from military grade materials that can stand almost any abuse. ISUP’s deflate and you roll it up to the size of a sleeping bag in less than five minutes. You can toss it in between everything else you’ll need, such as a cooler and provisions before you start a fun day or weekend.

Family getaways, fishing weekends, adventurous breaks – you don’t need a roof rack and straps to get to the water anymore. Move fast, travel where you please, and enjoy every minute when you get there.


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