The 7 Most Popular Pickup Artists In The World

Every woman on the planet has been approached by some guy with a horrible pickup line. Every man out there has tried his hand at picking up girls in bars, on the street, and in the grocery store with some horrible line.

That PUASometimes it works, but most often, the approach and the words fall flat on the woman and the man is left feeling rejected.  What is the answer?  Well, according to our list of today’s 7 most popular pickup artists in the world, it is all about confidence and both verbal and nonverbal communication.  Today, there is an entire industry built around picking up women.

“Coaches, mentors, lecturers, and teachers work with their students how to succeed in the art of the pickup.”

Known as PUA’s, for short, pickup artists turned trainers, coaches and mentors have worked to put comprehensive programs together, from a variety of philosophies, to give men a better shot at attracting and seducing women. For men that just want to get laid, and attract outrageously beautiful women, there are programs available from these 7 most popular PUAs, just as there are programs that focus on attracting girlfriends, long-term partners, and wives.

In 1970, Eric Weber wrote his defining book How To Pick Up Girls.  Many believe this started the revolution as pickup artists as an industry.  The book has been revised over the years, but many still believe that Eric is the godfather of today’s PUA industry and could easily make most the 7 most popular PUAS of all time.

Today, whether it is because women have become more savvy or because of the difficulty in connecting with women in today’s digital world, many others have joined in the PUA industry to help men seduce women while improving their communication skills and lifestyle.

Neil Strauss’s The Game:  Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pickup Artists and his following works The Stylelife Challenge and The Style Diaries were the next big iteration of the PUA movement.

Neil works to empower men while freeing them from the social conditioning that sabotages their dating life.  These two godfathers of the PUA industry continue to work today in their craft.  While Eric now focuses much of his effort on writing and other opportunities, his continued revisions of his bestselling 1970s book proves the dating world continues to evolve.

Neil, on the other hand, is probably the most well-known and recognized PUA guru today, and many of those that have followed in his footsteps give him credit for launching their own strategies and techniques.  Of course, in most lists, Neil would easily make the 7 most popular pickup artists, however on this list, we wanted to focus on a wider variety of teachings, and Neil and Eric are always at the top of the list.

There are hundreds of pickup artists out there that offer products that help men find the woman or women of their dreams.  This list focuses on the 7 most popular pickup artists in the world today and how their teachings and programs are unique.  These individuals have come up with training programs and philosophies from their years of experience trying to get the girl.

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Their insight into the dating world is sometimes profound, and sometimes downright frightening.  Our list focuses on a wide range of philosophies, techniques, and these experts and gurus and how their teachings differ from fellow PUAs.  Common topics, across the spectrum, include pickup lines, fashion advice, health and fitness, online dating profile development, flirting, neuro-linguistic programming, social psychology, kissing advice, confronting fear, communication, and more.

For just about every conceivable barrier, fear, or obstacle a man can face, these professional pickup artist coaches, have a solution and game plan.  While some of the pickup artists on this list focus their efforts on getting their clients laid, others take a more holistic approach that helps men to find girlfriends and long-term relationships.  Men seeking assistance in honing their attraction skills can find a host of solutions to fit their ideals.

“The basic idea that all of the 7 most popular pick up artists in the world start from is that typical dating advice is flawed.  It simply no longer works today.”

It is interesting that most of these puas spend an equal amount of energy addressing both online and offline communication strategies.  In today’s technology ridden world, the art of the conversation has become lost and skills are needed to effectively communicate and attract women through email and text messaging.  Some of these gurus even look into the psychology behind the fear of approaching or speaking with women and work to build confidence for even the shyest of students.  Many of these coaches started out as the shy, quiet types that had difficulty in meeting, attracting and seducing women.

They worked to overcome the obstacles they faced and now work to help other men in similar situations.  It seems the old adage, “those that can’t, teach” is far from the truth here.  For men looking to learn more about the art of the pickup, seducing women, and finding a mate, there are countless workshops, seminars, video and audio programs, websites, blogs and forums for research.

Our list focuses on the 7 most popular pickup artists in the world now, and what they offer:

  1. Johnny Soporno
  2. Yad
  3. Joshua Pellicer
  4. Rob Judge
  5. Bravo
  6. Alex Weber – The Art Of Charm
  7. Brad P

Johnny Soporno

Johnny Soporno maybe the most controversial on this list of 7 most popular pickup artists in the world.  His program focuses on sexual activity and physically attracting women to him. Men either love or hate his teachings, few are neutral on his teachings. People can recognize him by his iconic devil horns he wears when out on the prowl.  The essence of his teachings is that it is easier to attract women by being different, than to be good looking.  In his seminars, workshops, one-on-one coaching and speaking engagements, he tells his audience about the hunger most women have for sex…and then how to exploit it.  His teachings are definitely in demand and while he lives in Toronto half of the year, the rest of the time he is jetting off to Miami, LA, Prague, Amsterdam, New York City and other international destinations to speak to packed audiences.

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Yad the PUA makes this list of 7 most popular pickup artists as teacher and coach with over 7 years experience teaching men how to pick up women. His teachings feature real world knowledge that he has experienced and tested over the years and he has included feedback from his thousands of students across the world. Yad’s teachings focus on meeting women during the daytime, instead of waiting until nighttime, when they are expecting to be hit on.  Approaching women on the street, in a shop or while sitting in a café is the hallmark of his program.

Communication plays a big part of his program and he works with students to help them overcome approach anxiety, conversation skills that captivate women, and more.  Yad offers live events and workshops, digital video training programs, toolkits, blueprints, podcasts, intensive boot camps, and he operates a very active forum.

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Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer is one of the 7 most popular dating coaches in the world today. He is author of the “Tao of Badass” which teaches men how to become a badass with women.  While he struggled to attract women, he created his own system that worked.  Now as a full-time, in-demand coach and mentor, he works with students to increase their confidence, provides solutions for meeting women on the street, and focuses on how to make women approach you.  Other topics include communication and conversations, ways men kill attraction, how to get the first kiss, and how to tell when a woman is attracted to you.

The international press has loved and embraced him for his sometimes outlandish and controversial statements in regards to becoming a pickup artist.   However, his students are a boisterous group that believe in him and his teachings.

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Rob Judge

Rob Judge is one of the founders of Date Hotter Girls and member of this list of popular PUAs.  While they consider their teachings a movement instead of education, the essence is the same.  They work with their clients to improve their dating success.  They offer quick tips, motivation, lifestyle overhauls and more to help men attract women they desire.  The 4 Elements of Game is a guidebook for men to meet and attract women. This elemental study, while basic, is a strong foundation for their Advanced Dating Strategies.  Some have said that what it boils down to is simplified dating advice, however fans of the program claim that their tips, tricks and tactics are effective.

They are very clear that they do not use or advocate hypnosis or social manipulation in the pursuit of attracting women; instead they focus on pickup lines that work, texting protocols, kissing, flirting, approaching women, developing a sense of humor, and staying out of the friend zone.  Products offered include online courses, audio books, ebooks, iPhone apps, and personal coaching.

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Bravo the PUA is the quintessential Alpha Male and his students learn how to become the Alpha Male in the pursuit of women.  Bravo’s professional background includes being a trainer of elite military personnel for combat and in tactical training.  After a souring divorce, he recognized that he needed to change his mind set on meeting women.  He became a student of “The Game” and worked through it to develop his own strategies, tips and techniques that worked.  He hated the bar scene and looked for different avenues in which he was comfortable to pursue women. Bravo offers one-on-one counseling sessions, boot camps, seminars and is active on his forum.

Topics he covers include getting dates, making bedrooms girl-friendly, and social skills necessary to attract women; his background alone makes him a formidable opponent and necessary member of this 7 most popular pickup artists list.

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Alex Weber – The Art Of Charm

Alex Weber and The Art of Charm take a more holistic, and less controversial approach to attracting women.  Their philosophy holds fast to the belief that to get the girl you want, you need to become a better man.  Alex works with his students on confidence building, overcoming fear of the approach, using humor and body language, social interaction strategies.  His students learn how to get more dates by engaging women in conversation and how to read a situation to know when she is ready to be kissed.  His program focuses on creating men that are truly irresistible to women…men that are confident, chivalrous, and kind.  He offers three-day intensive programs, one-on-one consulting, online coaching programs, podcasts, and more.  The science of dating found through the Art of Charm helps men to discover their best aspects and traits and how to effectively use them to attract women.

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Brad P

Brad P, one of the 7 most popular PUAs in the world today is author of “Instant Attraction” and founder of the 30/30 club.  This game plan for approaching and attracting women was born out of his evolution from nerd to chick magnate.  He has proven that it is possible to go from nerd to awesome, and works with his students on individualized plans to help them get to where he is.  Topics he focuses on include breaking through the fear of rejection, approaching, the game plan, using the right openers, flirting, and the type of impression you must make if you are going to get laid.   He has years of experience as a coach, guru and social worker and has worked with all kinds of men and women in a variety of situations.

The User’s Manual helps to translate what is in the book and encourages men to put the words and information from the book into practice.  His students believe that he has shattered the old ways of attracting women and has created a new paradigm that is effective.  He offers books, personal coaching and other products to help men be successful in attracting the women they desire.

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Whether men are looking for a wife, a girlfriend, a friends with benefits situation, or a one night stand, the teachings of the 7 most popular pickup artists in the world can help with real concrete plans and solutions. The teachings provided through boot camps, seminars, intensive workshops, books, online training and interactive forums are invaluable to men today.  While the PUA industry has received negative publicity over the years, in reality, it is just a movement that’s time has come.

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