The 8 Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013 for Him

If you’re looking for the best gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013 for your man the first thing you need to think about is what kind of guy your man is.

Is our man the athletic type, or the geeky sort? Is he an outdoor kind of guy, or is the only mac he’s familiar with have an apple logo on it? Is he a music lover, or a film buff?

Is he an adrenaline junkie or is he more comfortable at the bar drinking with his buddies? No matter kind of guy you are dating or married to with this simple gift guide you can quickly and easily find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day 2013 for the man in your life.

Finding gifts for Valentine’s Day can be pretty tricky, especially if he already has everything he wants and needs. Nobody wants to give their boyfriend or husband a lame present or a token gesture.

Every woman wants to get her man a gift that represents just how much he means to her, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

With this simple gift guide you can buy the perfect gift, simply by knowing what he enjoys. Just remember to leave plenty of hints for your boyfriend as to what you want for Valentine’s Day too!

Guys Love Gadgets

Let’s face it ladies, men are just boys in much bigger bodies, and boys love their toys!

Guys can’t get enough of their modern day gadgets, and this year most of the top Valentine’s Day 2013 gifts for guys are gadget based presents. There are some great gadgets out there at the mo, and if you have no clue as to what digital thingamajig to get your guy then don’t worry, you’ll find all the advice and answers you need here!

Don’t worry, if your man is not into gadgets, or if he already owns all of the gadgets he could ever want or need then there’s one or two non gadget gifts in this list that you can buy for your husband.

Top Gift for Music Loving Men

Beats by Dre Headphones

If you’re in love with a music lover, then there’s really only one gift that you can get for him this Valentine’s Day.

The awesome Dr.Dre has created a set of astounding headphones, and despite competitors coming on to the market the Beats by Dre headphones continue to be one of the best currently available for sale. When you want to watch your TV shows or when you want to get the girls round for a girly night in your man can put these awesome headphones on and drift off to his happy place (without feeling guilty).

The Beats by Dre headphones are beautiful designed, and the quality of the sound is extraordinary.  If he is mad about his music then he will sincerely appreciate the gesture of this gift. The Beats by Dre headphones aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but the incredible audio and aesthetic qualities of the headphones are well worth every single penny. If you love your man and if he loves his music then this is bound to be the perfect gift for your guy.

For Extreme Sports Guys

Go Pro Hero 3

If you can’t keep your guy from getting on his skateboard, snowboard or bike then the best gift you could give your adrenaline junkie a Go Pro Hero 3 camera. These cameras are infamous throughout the sporting world. The capture amazing HD quality footage, and the different mounting straps are designed to work with extreme sports. The video quality is simply spectacular, be sure to watch some of the sample footage online to get a feel for the great quality the camera can capture.

The Go Pro Hero 3 camera can even work underwater, and they can upload the footage to a server during a recording session, ensuring that if any accidents occur and the camera gets destroyed your man and his friends can enjoy the footage again and again. If he likes looking at wild sports clips on YouTube then he will love the Go Pro Hero 3 camera, because he and his wild friends can become the stars of their own YouTube channel.

Again, the Go pro Hero 3 camera is not a cheap gift, but if your man enjoys his outdoor sports then he will sincerely appreciate being able to capture and share his wild adventures with you, his friends and an entire online audience.

For The Geeky Guys

Samsung Galaxy Note

If your man is hooked to his mobile phone, his laptop or his computer then there’s really only one gift to give him for Valentine’s Day 2013, and that is a tablet. Not so long ago it seemed that everyone wanted to own a collection of Apple devices, but recent market figures have demonstrated that consumers are slowly swinging round to the Android range of mobile devices.

This is probably because of the relationship between Google’s software and Samsung’s hardware. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a super cool tablet, and it is well priced. Compared to the Kindle Fire the Samsung Galaxy Note has a lot more functionality, and compared to the price of an iPad you’re getting a great deal.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is based on the Android operating system, which is open source and much more flexible than the Apple operating system. Of course, some guys are die hard Apple fans, and if everything your man owns is pristine white and has an Apple logo on it then you’re probably better off sticking with his favorite brand. If you’re tempted to get him a tablet for Valentine’s Day 2013 then be sure to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note, especially if he already uses an Android phone.

For Ultimate Gamers

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

If your man spends far too much time playing games on his PlayStation or Xbox then you know you can’t go wrong with a console game. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was one of the most highly anticipated console games ever released, so you know it’s going to go down a storm with your gamer guy.

No doubt all of your partner’s gaming buddies will already have this game, so he’ll appreciate being able to join in on their fun and he’ll appreciate the addition to his Call of Duty games collection.

If he already owns a copy of Black Ops 2 then don’t worry, you can always opt to buy him Aliens: Colonial Marines console game. But be warned, the Aliens: Colonial Marines console game isn’t due to hit the shelves until February 16th, so if you do decide to treat your boyfriend to this action packed thrilling game then you’ll have to make it a belated Valentine’s Day present.

Still, when he’s blasting extraterrestrial ass out of spaceships just like Sigourney Weaver in the infamous movie, he’ll probably be a happy bunny and won’t mind the 48 hour wait for his Valentine’s Day 2013 present! Whether you go for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or Aliens: Colonial Marines there’s no doubt your man will be happy just blowing stuff up.

The Modern Man

Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The modern man loves an entirely different kind of gadget. The modern man loves his space saving, time saving funky and sleek looking gadgets. The modern man adores his modern gadgets, and if you’re modern man is a coffee lover then there’s only one gift you can give him.

On every street corner there seems to be a new Costas or Starbucks and that’s because people love drinking coffee. If your husband spends way too much time staring into the bottom of a cappuccino cup then the best gift you could buy for him would be an espresso and cappuccino maker.

Don’t be fooled by the busy antics of the coffee shop staff that all make it seem like hard work to make the perfect cup of coffee! With an espresso and cappuccino maker your man will be able to quickly and easily master the fine art of the perfect coffee (giving you a good excuse to get him to make you breakfast in bed more often!)

The great thing about the modern coffee makers is that you can quickly and easily make a range of different caffeine based drinks from, and it’s so much more cost effective than trips to the nearest mainstream coffee franchise.

Top Gift for the Intellectual Man


If your man fancies himself as the next Professor Brian Cox or the next Neil Armstrong then you should consider buying your amateur astronaut a telescope for his 2013 Valentine’s Day present. There are set to be some absolutely amazing scenes in the night sky throughout 2013, and with a new telescope to hand you and your man can witness the awesome cosmic events together.

Just picture this: you and your man are alone, spending time together under a blanket of stars on a cool clear night, sharing hot cocoa and cuddles under the night sky and peeking through the telescope to see spectacular sights millions and millions of miles away. If this romantic and private moment sounds good to you then you know exactly what to get your intellectual man for his 2013 Valentine’s Day.

Explore the stars and search the universe together and invest in a telescope. A good telescope doesn’t have to cost the earth, but if you’re not sure speak to your local astronomical society or look online to find a great telescope at a great price.

For The Average Chap

Beer Brewing Kit

If toys aren’t your boy’s thing then the chances are booze is. Every guy likes drinking a little alcohol every now and then (some more than others!), and almost every man has at one point in his life thought to himself ‘I could make a great beer’. By buying him a beer brewing kit you are giving him the perfect opportunity to test out his beer making skills.

Of course, it’s a slow process, and it’s not something he can make overnight; but when the brewing is completed he will sincerely enjoy inviting his friends round for a lad’s night in so that they can sample the fruits of his labor.

Don’t forget, when he invites his friends round to sample his homemade brew this will also gives you a great excuse to enjoy a night out with the girls! It’s certainly a win-win gift! Beer making kits aren’t that expensive, and once your man has made his first batch he’ll want to keep experimenting with different flavors.

Top Idea for the DIY Dude

Power Drill

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more to the DIY dude than a big, expensive and frankly unnecessary power drill. As a woman, you know that he’ll probably only ever use it once, just to prove a point, and then it’ll sit in his shed or garage with the rest of his tools.

However, he will consider it one of the most essential items in his collection, and he’ll sleep a little easier knowing that if he wanted to or needed to he could put a great big hole in the wall as if the wall were made of butter. If your man loves indulging in a little DIY then simply head to your nearest DIY store and find the biggest drill on the shelf!

Further Resources on The Best Gifts For Him

These are the 8 best gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013 for Him, and with so many gift ideas you should find it easy to purchase the perfect gift (or gadget) for your guy, no matter what type of man he is!

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