Things to do on a sunny day

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Things to do on a sunny day

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There is no shortage of sunny days here in Perth. Of course doing the same thing day after day can get a bit boring. Too many people focus on heading out to the swimming pool or the beach, ignoring all the other great options available to them. Western Australia has some amazing opportunities worth checking out when the sun is shining. They say variety is the spice of life, well here are four things to do on a sunny day that will add a much needed kick to just about anyone’s life.

Picnic in the park

Countless green spaces can be found in Western Australia with each one providing something a little different. These provide the ideal spot for a picnic. Pack a lunch, bring a partner or some friends and enjoy a nice lunch out in the open. Not only is it refreshing, but it can be a great way to get away from it all without needing to leave the state.

There are several great parks along the Swan River including Kings Park and Sir James Mitchell Park that serve as a great backdrop for any picnic. Those feeling a little more adventurous can head up to the Gnangara-moore River State Park to be even closer to some of the region’s breathtaking sights and sounds.


Take a hike

There are more ways to keep fit than heading to the gym everyday. A nice hike can be an excellent way to get some exercise in while exploring some of Western Australia’s lovely surroundings. Ghost House Trail in Yanchep National Park is a perfect hike for beginners with an easy path to follow and bathrooms for those who may not want to go outside. The trail is full of biodiversity and it’s possible to run into a few wild animals including emus. It’s safe to say those will never be found in the gym.


Have a BBQ

There’s nothing quite like inviting a few friends over for an afternoon or evening BBQ. Good friends, good food and cold drinks are the perfect recipe for an awesome time. In order to host these events, it’s important to have the proper setup, after all no one wants guests to starve. An alfresco BBQ not only keeps everyone fed, but it can blend in seamlessly to any patio or outdoor space.


These can come equipped with a number of add-ons including stovetops and even refrigerators. It’s essentially like having an outdoor kitchen. BBQ Bazaar has a large supply of BBQ kitchens to meet the needs and tastes of any homeowner. They also offer professional installation to ensure the cookout starts right away.


Do some housework

Sunny days are the perfect time to take care of the yard, paint the house or perform general maintenance tasks. And while most people think these are boring, completing them can provide a sense of accomplishment. It’s also a good idea to add an incentive to serve as motivation. This way something positive gets done at the house and there is a reward for doing it.

Summer is just around the corner, so now is a great time to make plans. Installing an outdoor kitchen or building a new patio today means friends and family can use it all summer long.


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