Treatment of urinary tract infection that can change your life

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Treatment of urinary tract infection that can change your life

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Urinary tract infection is also known as UTI is the infection in any portion of the urinary system. This is an annoying and painful feel when this occurs. If Urinary tract support is not provided at the right time it will cause serious consequences. This can also spread to the kidneys and become the reason of any damage in that area. Normally the treatment of UTI is done by the help of antibiotics. Some of the steps can also be taken to stop the chance of having UTI. There are no clear signs but UTI can be diagnosed based on some routine symptoms such as having pain and irritation. A urine test is used to properly diagnose the presence of bacteria in the urinary system. Some of the commonly used treatments for different conditions of UTI are as follows.

Simple infection

It is clear that antibiotics are used for the treatment of UTI but the type of drug and the time period for which it is taken depend on the health of the patient. The type of bacteria invading in the system and condition of health means a lot in the treatment. In case of simple infection, the drugs used are nitrofurantoin, trimethoprim, cephalexin and fosfomycin etc. all these medicines belong to the same group of medicines. These medications are not recommended for the complicated type of UTI because it can cause even more harm. The treatment time is short and is really beneficial if the person follows it appropriately.

Frequent infections

Infections may occur frequently in most of the people. The treatment procedure is different for them. One time treatment does not work in such conditions because they may occur after every few days. The doctor cannot provide high-level dose because it will be harmful to the system. So, initially, low dose medicine is provided for almost 6 months or according to the severity of the health condition. Sometimes this is also related to sexual activities so medicines are taken according to that. In case of postmenopausal patients, the therapy of vaginal estrogen is done to cure this condition.

Harsh infections

When the infections are extremely severe, they should be treated with special care. In that case, the doctor admits the patient in the hospital to keep them under observation. The intravenous bacteria are used for the treatment of this kind of infections. The dose is given by doctor by measuring the condition of bacteria each time through the proper test.

Natural ways of treatment

There are many home remedies that are suggested for the treatment of UTI. Urinary tract support requires the intake of plenty of water. There are some drinks that cause irritation in the bladder; they should be avoided so that the infection would not be triggered. Mostly heating pad is also used to ease the discomfort. This will also aid in minimizing the pressure of bladder. People also use cranberry juice for the prevention of UTI. The results are really great if these natural means are used for cure.

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