Why Nootropics Are The Next Big Thing?

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Why Nootropics Are The Next Big Thing?

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“Nootropics” refers to a term invented in the 1970s by a Romanian psychologist and chemist, Corneliu Giurgea. Derived from two Greek words, the term refers to any type of substance, drug or supplement that can help and improve the cognitive functions, including memory, focusing, motivation and creativity.

However, the use of these substances without being strictly prescribed under the watch of a therapist (pharmacist, physician, psychologist or psychiatrist) represents one of the most debatable subjects in terms of ethic and morality.

Nevertheless, smart drugs are on-trend to become one of the most popular means of biohacking in 2017 according to CNBC.

These types of substances and supplements are mainly prescribed to patients for their recovery after accidents or diseases, or as part of a long term medication to diminish the side effects of health affections.

Patients with focus troubles such as ADHD, as well as patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are often prescribed with neuronal stimuli as part of their recovery or daily treatment. However, using these substances for personal achievements, without any medical grounds, although not illegal, is certainly debatable in terms of ethics and morality.

But why nootropics represent such a breakthrough?

They increase concentration

Who doesn’t need some extra help during stressful final terms in high school or before university admission? Although not the only method, more and more youngsters appeal to nootropics to increase their capacity for concentration. This helps them stay in “the mood” for studying for longer hours, avoiding external factors that might be interrupting.

In addition, teenagers with difficulties in concentration such as the ones suffering from hyperactivity or ADHD are also amongst the frequent users of nootropics.

But not only youngsters choose to appeal to concentration supplements to get passed by stressful deadlines and terms. Plenty of adults, especially those in leading functions and with a lot of pressure on their shoulders often decide to take nootropics in order to deal with deadlines and stressful situations.

Memory boosters

Sites like ModUp.net market nootropics like Modvigil and Modafinil to those interested in increasing their capacity of concentration and boosting their memory. Hectic schedules, poor diets and lack of physical activity represent the main factors that contribute to a lack of vitality and energy in your body, which easily affects the brain’s power to concentrate and memorize things. Nootropics have been proved to remake neuronal links and promote larger levels of oxygen to the brain which will lead to an improved capacity of functioning, including boosting the ability to memorize.

Among the social categories that opt to buy modafinil as part of boosting their memory capacities are teenagers and scholars, as well as actors, med students or people who need to memorize large amounts of information in a small period of time.

Anti-aging effects

Studies conducted have previously linked an unhealthy brain capacity with poor bodies and premature aging. A mind which is always busy and functioning well has the ability to assimilate new things faster and induce an accelerated life pace for the entire body. This is translated in more energy and resistance to stress, diseases and physical factors.

In other words, “food for thought” is an expression that should be taken into consideration more often by all people who want to live healthier and longer.

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