Yoga mat – How to Pick The Right One

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Yoga mat – How to Pick The Right One

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Have you been practicing yoga for a few months and have decided to invest in a real yoga mat? So, here are some tips to guide for choosing your yoga mat.

Should you favor size, color, thickness, and price? These are some questions that definitely pop up in mind.   There is a whole bunch of criteria in order to help you in choosing the ideal carpet for you according to your practices and your physiognomy!

The 4 main selection criteria

The thickness

There are different thicknesses of carpet ranging from the thinnest (1.5 mm) to the ultra-thick (15 mm). Ultra-thick should be reserved for Pilates, or ground exercises. The finer the carpet, the better your stability when balancing postures. But the thicker the carpet, the more comfortable it is as it protects your joints.

How to choose the right thickness? 

The fine carpet is the most suitable for yoga practice because it gives you good stability when standing or in a balanced position. Moreover, it is very light. As for the thick carpet, it is more comfortable and therefore better adapted to the positions on the ground and protects your joints. And with its thickness, it is a thermal insulation during your practices.


Yoga mats are usually provided with a non-slip coating that proves very useful in some postures since it will prevent your carpet from slipping and you with. Comfort guaranteed! The best adhesive mats are those made of PVC but unfortunately those are also the most toxic. Fortunately, more and more brands are going green and you will find an important choice of yoga mats free of harmful products, made of natural or recycled material: they are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and ensure you a good karma!


Some carpets are lightweight, easily transportable, have straps and roll quickly. Choose a yoga mat that fits your needs: if you have to move it every week, focus on lightness and choose the travel mats. If on the contrary you can leave it on the spot or practice yoga at home, privilege the comfort of the carpet sedentary that will be more robust.


Price is always an important criterion when choosing a product. For the yoga mat know that it can cost between 10 and 400 $. But it is better to avoid some cheap products which are often of poor quality and that do not provide you with any comfort. If they seem economical, you will have to change it more often and ultimately it will cost you dearly. From 30 $, you can find carpets of very good quality which will last a long time and will answer to your needs in terms of comfort, weight, etc.  Some such product is Jade yoga mats. Eco-friendly and quite sustainable, these yoga mats have been derived from trees. As it is designed to offer better cushioning and resilience, you can feel the difference. So, why not invest in some good products and make you yoga practice more enjoyable?

Why to avoid the floor mat for yoga

Called fitness mats, camping mats or even floor mats is one that everyone has somewhere in the bottom of an old closet. This type of carpet, invented in the 70’s for camping and bivouac, has become a must for hiking equipment. It has a double utility: the thermal insulation and the comfort of the camper. It is also called fitness mats because it can be used for some ground exercises, or even to practice yoga.

However, a specialty rug is preferred, for two reasons: the floor mat wraps around itself when unfolded. And it’s very annoying when you have to spend the first twenty minutes of the yoga class to hold its carpet so that it does not roll by itself. Then the floor mat does not have a non-slip coating. His feet and hands slide easily, and after a few sessions he ends up tearing it.

In conclusion: How to Choose?

To sum up, thickness, material, maneuverability and price are the four main criteria for choosing your yoga mat. Other criteria are also to be taken into account if you want to find the yoga mat, or only if you hesitate between two models. Think of a mat suitable for your size for example, especially if you are very tall. Look also at the colors offered by the different brands. Just buy an object that you like.  From classical sports brands to yoga professionals, to ecological brands, you will surely find your happiness!

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