Your Losing More Than You Think

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Your Losing More Than You Think

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It’s a hot summer and we are sweating all the time. At the gym, walking the dog, tanning, or slowly unnoticeably throughout the day, be warned water isn’t the only thing in sweat. As your body sweats large amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids are metabolized and scavenged from your body by the heat. It is essential to your health to replenish those vital nutrients, without them you are at a risk of heat related diseases such has heat stroke and exhaustion. Not only do these vital nutrients need to be replaced, but they need to be absorbed fast. Unfortunately, many factors make this more complicated than simply taking a multivitamin once a day. Most traditional multivitamins have poor bioavailability, your body simply cannot absorb.


The better option is Balanced Essentials a Fast Absorbing Liquid Nutrient. Balanced Essentials boast an impressive 94 vital vitamins and minerals, as well as myriad of phytonutrient rich plants, 18 amino acids and omega 3,6,9. Also it comes in a delicious berry flavor and all you need is 1 sip! literally 1oz daily for the equivalent of 5-10 multivitamins. So remember next time you are out in the sun sweating replenish everything Stay in Balance with Balanced Essentials.


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